Anyone else hate christians as much as I do? Holy poop they are annoying.

politely not mentioning that it is completely nonsensical to say "happy yom kippur"

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I run a super small jewish server on discord. I need more users. All flavors welcome. I am also a cultural anthropologist and love discussing / debating the earth's history v the Torah account if anyone is interested in joining.

I'm disappointed that a car mezuzah isn't called a "m'zoomzoom."

Be more loving and kind, more hitbodedut, the moshiach will come when we do this and realize our true self. You are not weird, you are not crazy, we are all going through this.

He is one of the "hilltop" gang. Pretty extreme. They attack Palestinians and Israeli army all the time. This time he killed 3

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Comment from another yid on discord: "I've read the complaint, it's just one doctor"

I was baffled how yids can defend actions being performed on people that we saw done in Germany.

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New here, tired of twitter. I run a discord server for yids called "Bnei Yisrael" if you need chats. Glad to be here :)

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