*slaps roof of Iran* this bad boy can fit so many Isfahans in it

<The 3-year old seeing me pick up my phone>

3-yo: "Who you gonna call?"


3-yo: <blank stare>

Woke up to a series of ideas for Mysterious Horror Stories in the subject lines of emails that I'd apparently sent myself, proving, I suppose, that my rare nights out are not as wasteful and useless as I'd always suspected them to be

and surprising no one, even on Mastodon, my bots are now more popular than me :)


One of the really lovely side effects of these federated instances, and niche communities, is how much easier it is to discover really interesting artbots here....

AP Photos of the year -- some depict violence/death/half nakedness etc... all are gorgeous. 

This week we read parshat Shmot, so here’s the antizionist drash I wrote (and didn’t have the chutzpah to give) a couple years ago noahliebman.net/2017/01/on-fea

Missing my quote tweets....

But really liking the ability to abuse content warnings for all sorts of creative endeavors...

Solid joke from the 3 year old: "Papa, why do they put a lock on the Aron Kodesh?..." 

Howdy all --

I don't know if you do intros here, but my name is Russel and one of my weird hobbies is building bots.

Usually they have a Jewish taycht....

(e.g. washingtonpost.com/news/post-n )

Long story short, after one bot's run in with Sean Hannity the birdsite banned me from building anymore there, so I think I'll be hanging out here for a bit if you'll have me.

My first one here can be found at @portraitOfAmericanJews


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