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hi!! im a genderfluid feygele / twink who's moving here from Snouts. current best pronouns are in my DN

I post about Judaism, baking, cooking, painting, project management, language learning, dwarf fortress, politics, and being a kobold or maned wolf online (I have too many hobbies omg)

nice to meet y'all!

got an email that got me feeling that this clinic will not exist by the time I get back from medical leave in Dec lmao

so uhhh if anybody got leads for project management positions, or really anything in the admin side of a clinic, or community outreach, or HIV/STD testing and counselling, in the Philly area

hit me uuuppppp

uspol, roman history - 

80% of how government functions is a set of norms that mask the fact that power begets power, but those norms are fundementally toothless, and once someone steps up and lays bare the fact that you can just ignore them then it's just a matter of time before that system of governance collapses

our job is to organize and build a base so we can make it collapse in a good way

read All About That Base, buy a gun, talk to your friends and co-workers and fellow tenants

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uspol, roman history - 

important to remember that the grachi brothers (iirc) were the first to sidestep democracy a decade before Caesar, and after they left everyone was like "phew back to normal" assuming that they were a singular force instead of a symptom

aka even when trump leaves the damage he's done is irreparable and a Trump 2.0 who's currently taking notes on all this will undoubtedly rise up soon. trump being beat only buys us a few years to prepare for that

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we decided in unison what to sing and what to pray, after every prayer or song there was a debate on what was meaningful and what should be done next, everything was decided through consensus. the call part of call and response songs was passed around between us. we were all equal and all together and idk! it was neat!

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all my high holy day services were anarchistic, there was no rabbi there was no leader. it was just us, a small cadre of friends connected by mutual aid and love

it was So Different and revolutionary and fun

I got a signed copy of a really rad and Important book!!

ID: a signed copy of "justice justice shall you pursue: a history of new Jewish agenda"

I just found fasting super easy and kind of refreshing so like, uh, not really the point of yk lol.

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whenever df gives me this announcements like this I blush

the last teshuvah to-do on the list is always the hardest huh

(pikuach nefesh is an idea in Judaism stating that literally any law or mitzvah or ruling not only can but Must be ignored outright if doing so is necessary to preserve a life)

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never forget that pikuach nefesh applies to yourself as well as others.

our protestant society tells us that suffering is the way to worship and that's wrong, it's acts of justice and restoration that should be exalted not self denial and punishment

being kind to yourself and protecting/advocating for yourself so that you can have the capacity for those acts is an obligation

religious fasting 

it has been such a monumental struggle to give these days the impact they normally have and hhhh

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religious fasting 

we're technically not allowed to fast during pandemics, a rule that's been around since the black death, but this year has taken so much normalcy from me that I just can't do that

im.... as snug as a bug in a rug with a mug that says [numberonebug]

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the fact that my username on every site is "numberonebug" but I don't have a bug sona is something that I should've been cancled for by now

Extremely cool how every therapist specializes in "anxiety and depression" and if you have anything else then you're basically told to fuck off

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