I made a gif I’m going to regret for the rest of my life

(Overly opinionated transliteration of חרם)

💭 a change dot org petition for the URJ (he’s Reform) to declare kheirem on Stephen Miller

Why is Scandinavian music kosher?

It has Finns and scales.

“Yontef” is turning out to be my most controversial decision ever github.com/Noleli/isyontefearl

My response: If my great-grandmother could spell the English word “hat” as עט in Yiddish, I can spell יום טוב as Yontef. Wontfix :)

@Digital_pigeon it is pretty surreal. I didn’t know antisemitism was such an issue in upstate New York. Unless you’re in Elmira, ON, which would make sense if your rabbi had been in Calgary

The dissonance of living in a time when a friend just shared a new niggn she wrote, then finding out a few minutes later that someone tried to burn down my neighborhood modern orthodox shul last night bit.ly/ASBIIncident

To be clear, just because I’m not a Zionist doesn’t mean I’m an apologist for antisemitism on the left. “Not generally murderous” is a low bar to clear.

Antisemitism on the right: all people who aren’t white Christians are bad, and the Jews are extra bad because of some conspiracy.

Antisemitism on the left: we’re too intellectually lazy to understand that Judaism != Zionism.

Both are bad. Only one causes me to fear for my life.

terrible multilingual jewish pun 

“Whoa, the non-jewish drummer they hired for this tour is SO GOOD” is probably not what Zusha wanted me to get out of that show

If you’re a Litvak and Canadian, all your Oy!s become Eh?

Quantified Cantillation 

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