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Therapist: we need to talk about your insecurities and need for validation
Me: Oh fuck Sharon, what did I do this time?
Therapist: yeah, exactly that.

די וועטער איז װאָרמינג אַרויף און אַלעוויי פרילינג איז אנגעקומען.

איז 4:40 צו פרי צו מאַכן קאַווע? טאָמער איך זאָל וואַרטן נאָך א האַלב שעלב. איך אויך האָפֿן אז איך בין נישט קראנק.

הגשת מועמדות למשרות נעשית קשה יותר, זה הופך להיות כל כך מייגע.

Other guys: ugh I have to cut my own hair, I don't want it to get long
Me, enjoying my hair getting longer:

Mental health -, cptsd, ptsd 

It's difficult to remind myself that I am loved and deserve good things. That despite trauma that I am valued and important

Dumb white feelings and thoughts, please ignore, mental health 

I don't know; perhaps I should be, maybe I shouldn't be given a voice. I honestly do not know anymore, and I don't know what to think.

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Dumb white feelings and thoughts, please ignore, mental health 

Which is something which I should never have to feel or think: that my opinions are irrelevant or even detested. Its a horrible feeling and I understand it is from a place of justice and struggle for equality, but I guess I'm selfish enough for wanting to feel like I matter. I want to be part of the fediverse, but I also don't want to think like I have no choice but to be silent.

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Dumb white feelings and thoughts, please ignore, mental health 

Okay, as someone who has had to fight with myself to speak up before, reading my opinions are not undesirable and insignificant makes me question why I'm even permitted to exist in the fediverse. If I have no way of expressing my opinion without inconveniencing somebody, there is no possible way for me to say anything without somehow offending someone. It is undoing a lot of progress I have made over the years,

Snowstorm begins today, time to hibernate and cloak myself in blankets

Hot food take 

If you don't like hummus please question your life choices

יידיש, וועטער, שניי, קרעכץ 

עס שנייערט נעכטן נאכט. אזוי איך דאַרפֿן צו רידל שניי פון דעם טראָטואַר ווידער. נו עס איז ווינטער, וואָס קען איך טאָן?

To hijack @geske 's idea 5 likes (or boosts) and I'll provide drunk commentary to a childhood movie people suggest (note: should be on English)

Alcohol mention, food. 

Bigger bloody Mary thank expected but it's somehow kosher

Hello, My name is Vickie, or as others know me as Heffboom Konijn. I'm a transgender female who is having transition surgery this Christmas.

I have created a Gofundme as I need financial help to survive until I return to work in March.

Please ReTweet/share on any social media *hugs*

Hanukkah ain't Jewish Christmas. It's a story about folks trying to tell Jews they couldn't be Jews so we killed them and made a days worth of oil stretch for eight. It's a resilience in the face of oppression and poverty story.

Happy Hanukkah!

.@kittybecca blessing the TL with the most wholesome chanike content *chefkiss*

אַ פריילעכער חנוכה!

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