Okay, serious question. Is telling someone to slow down or "speak clearer" when they have an accent problematic? Because occasionally it becomes nearly impossible to understand

Alb is a programming language created entirely in arabic, built to "[highlight] cultural biases of computer science and [challenge] the assumptions we make about programming."

it is a tree-walking interpreter in JavaScript. you can watch its creator talk about the language in the vid below


What is the difference between USA and USB? 

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So here's a thing about #nativeAmericans and #horses newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoda

Another lesson in don't believe white people's idea of history, b/c oh hey they're full of shit. Also, whites make up history for political reasons

#native #Indigenous #history


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positivity, religion mention 

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friendship ended with bilingualism

multilingualism is my new best friend

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I'm bad with intros, so I'll to my best:

-20something gay jewish convert.
-finished conversion mitzvah under a conservative rebbe, however I'm not super strict
- I like cooking and alcohol! feel free to tag me in Kosher recipes
- , I shouldn't need to say more. Trump administration is just awful, for jewish and non jewish reasons.
- Focusing on positivity
If you want to know more, please ask! I don't mind!


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