Bill de Blasio's recent antisemitic outburst reflects a very commonplace antisemitic canard that has spread during Coronavirus. Call this out. Most people gathering during this crisis are not Jews, and most Jews (including most frum Jews) are not gathering during this crisis. And frum Jews are donating plasma by the thousands to fight Coronavirus.

This antisemitic canard dates back at least to the Black Death and has been behind some of the ugliest pogroms in history. It was spread during the Holocaust as well by Nazis in pamphlets that purported to be about health.

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@kittybecca Found this buzzfeed article which doesn’t make the tweet any less problematic but does clarify the what and how of what happened:

@kittybecca it’s really remarkable how different Jewishness in NYC looks and is talked about vs Jewishness basically everywhere else in the US

@NightRose it's useless to say "De Blasio is not antisemitic" and it's approaching the issue from completely the wrong direction, attempting to make antisemitism into something individual, which just confounds the matter

@NightRose i also think the article doesn't give a lot of insights as to De Blasio's comment. it was bad in New York, it's bad anywhere. it's bad even if he only meant frum Jews

@kittybecca I don’t disagree that it was bad, but I think parsing the different ways ways in which bad things can be bad is an important part of any analysis of systemic injustice.

@kittybecca the title isn’t helpful, I agree, but it goes into detail about what set of assumptions went into the thinking behind the Antisemitic tweet which I found helpful in clarifying how antisemitism operates within NYC vs elsewhere.

@NightRose i don't think the article gives much clarity or context. i read a better article today in Yiddish that put it in the context of daily violence against frum Jews that, compared to the fearmongering about frum Jews spreading coronavirus, gets almost no public attention

@NightRose surprisingly the article was by Batya Ungar-Sargon who somehow managed to avoid making it about herself or about Israel

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