disabled people for years, decades, whatever: hey since there's this internet thing, do you think you could make it more possible to participate in X without physically being there?

abled people: nope, you need to physically be at X for it to work, otherwise there's no point. you need to overcome your disabilities and we don't want to coddle you.

*coronavirus hits*

abled people: hey, idea! what if we did X remotely

why is it so much easier to see the inhumanity and cruelty in "our species must acquire herd immunity" than "disabled people must overcome their disabilities and if they can't, that's their fault"

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1) People staying at home is not herd immunity. Quite to the contrary. There is no vaccine yet. The only way for the herd to become immune is get it. Those who remain will be immune.
2) A lot of things benefit largely from face to face interaction. It is very likely everyone will go back to that once this is over.

@kittybecca today's gamers, controlling the virtual robots, are future construction workers, controlling the physical robots

@kittybecca it'll soon be clear to every business person, that the much hyped neural networks and "AI" will never catch up with what humans can do (famous example: recognizing garbage), but it's not a reason to not let the manual workers do their job from a more comfortable conditions of the offices or homes

@amiloradovsky this can go one of two ways: "virtual sweatshops" like Amazon Mechanical Turk, or socialist revolution where this sort of work benefits everyone

@kittybecca yes, but that's irrelevant, manual work will be doable and done from home anyway in a couple of decades, and gamers are essentially preparing themselves for that, whether they realize it or not

on a more general note, yes, I wish the society along the way stepped away from the practice of sweatshops

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