you know it's really amazing how quick it is to get everyone to sacrifice just about everything to keep others from getting sick and dying

all you need is a mass media that is interested in selling it

imagine if they started pushing universal health care, how much less that would really require than getting everyone to literally cancel everything for a few weeks

compared to literally just shutting down much of society, is implementing universal healthcare actually that inconvenient

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@kittybecca it just happens to inconvenience the *right* people...

funny thing is, in countries who already have universal health care like most of Europe, govs are closing schools, and everything where more than 100 People gather, but not electoral voting campaign, where thousands of people pass in one room.

The dominant class still want people to risk their life to elect them once more.

@tykayn cancelling elections also looks very ominous though, like and it sets a terrible precedent for whoever wants to declare an emergency and suspend elections

cancelling elections (or delaying them) versus harming massively People causing deaths that would be easily avoided. mmmmh what could be the worst ?
I just would have seen it as being fully coherent with sanity crisis measures.

@tykayn i mean i'm not huge on bourgeois democracy but do you seriously want to give them the power to just cancel elections

@tykayn the only reason elections should be cancelled is because people have risen up and cancelled the ruling class

@tykayn otherwise you've just got the same people now being like "shit i might lose this next election, better declare a crisis"

trump would love to be able to cancel the election. he might very well

that would just require the cops class to cease to attack the other classes in fact, not the whole other than ruling class.
elections are one way for the bourgeois to keep up the illusion of democracy and freedom.
turns out democracy is not about putting in place rulers or electing representative. THAT is giving up the power to decide things.
it is also the reason why they will do all they can to dismiss all better ways to take decisions as a group, in a distributed way.
that is why you will always have some fucked up (no) choices only between the richerst, even if 90% of people don't vote for them and are not legitimate.
no vote will harm their system more than anything else.

@tykayn i think the german communists said similar things before WWII: "after Hitler, us"

@tykayn unfortunately most people didn't get a say in whether they would be sacrificed to fulfil this (false) prophecy

I am not saying communism will come if there is no vote, i state that this shows how much illegitimate the ruling class will be visible to everyone in such case.

Belgium for example is not living communism or chaos. it is gouvernement free post capitalist.

@tykayn @kittybecca too late to implement quickly, but universal vote by mail would certainly be a good way to keep elections running without large public gatherings

Every expert would tell you that electronic vote is a REALLY BAD idea.
there are so many reasons. have a look at Tom Scotts works about that for example, or read some Electronic Frontier Foundation about #cybersec ;)

@robotcarsley @kittybecca
also, electronic vote is already in place for People who live in an other country afaik.
despite being a big hazard.
to put it straight, yeah let's give central authority to one company who will collect the detail or names of all the People of one country for who They will vote.
I don't see how could anything go wrong, or if it has already been used against population in history.

Noice decision.
Belgium has postponed gouvernement forever and everything works fucking fine. such a great land.

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