English "be a man" = be tough


Yiddish "zay a mentsh" = be kind, be generous, do the right thing

@kittybecca now i'm imagining "i'll make a man out of you" from mulan but in yiddish and the chorus is "זײַ אַ מענטש"

@kittybecca Yiddish is based partly on German, is it not? In German, the word "mensch" mean "human".

@loke in Yiddish (and Yinglish) it's disputed whether the word is gendered. historically this particular connotation of it has been heavily gendered, even if "mentsh" normally means "human" in other contexts. today there is an effort to reclaim it.

but no, Yiddish isn't based on German, it's descended from the same parent language as German

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