there's never been a proper reckoning with how much of what we call "internet culture" or "shitposting culture" is actually fascist and protofascist propaganda

as long as we remain closely tied to this we shouldn't be surprised when our "left-wing celebrities" (a problematic concept in and of itself) turn out to be shitty people

is it really any wonder that someone like contrapoints who is well-versed in the latest chan culture has shitty opinions about non-binary people?

the way we behave influences who we are inside at least as much as who we are inside influences the way we behave. people say "fake it 'til you make it" precisely because of this - who you are on the outside affects who you are on the inside. the things you do, the things you read and propagate, the aspects of culture you value, the people you keep around you, none of this is trivial.

@kittybecca I keep trying to explain this to people as they ask me questions about electoral politics and it's like, "You don't understand, I am actively trying to forget all that as hard as I can so I can think about real things."

@kittybecca ...this might seem kinda distantly related to your point but in my head they're the same thing.

@emsenn no that's valid and i think we're drawing from the same source material on this. i myself need to start spending less time concerned about electoral politics and more concerned about other kinds of politics

@kittybecca I feel bad for the Bernie people who try and talk to me at the entrance to the farmers market because it's like "i... don't support what you're doing... but i don't... not support it... it's... look just let me by to get my veggies and you can read the posters i put up around town on your own time"

@kittybecca also, and I've been thinking about this for a while, this totally applies to people who despite feeling they're horrible deep down (often because of trauma/abuse/mental health issues) still try to do right by others and treat them with kindness and understanding.

@kittybecca There fact that internet memes are a gateway to fascism should surprise nobody with a background in the social sciences. One if the major functions of humor is to delineate social boundaries and one of the ways it does that is by separating people into those who get the joke and those who do not. It is a way to communicate "you are like me because we both understand this."

... and internet memes are an ultra refined version of that (which is fascist).

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