my Judean ancestors intermarried with European converts, as did the Judean ancestors of most Sephardim, which means i look a lot like any other white person

my more immediate ancestors made the decision to downplay their Jewishness, to describe themselves as Hungarians first and then Americans first when they came here.

it was a privilege that they could do that, _even though_ they could never completely do so.

being able to do that is a privilege, regardless of how much oppression we've experienced, regardless of whether our assimilation is incomplete and regardless of whether it can ever realistically be completed

there's a cultural genocide aspect to it too, and that's something that is really sad and fucked up, and worth resisting, but that doesn't change the fact that the degree to which i'm perceived as white can be a weapon and a bludgeon that can get other white people to rush to my defense, to attack POC, to sympathize with me more over others when i get defensive, etc..

to listen to me easier than they do to others, to more easily see me as a victim and not see others that way


a big part of the work in fighting this ongoing cultural genocide of Yids (assimilation into whiteness) includes fighting the things whiteness does to make me not see the huge weapon i'm holding, to make me use it reflexively and violently and to deny that i even have it

denying what cultural genocide has done to you and allows you to do to others, is not the same thing as fighting cultural genocide

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