instance block rec lists no policies whatsoever and its users are involved in Nazi apologism

OCR Output (chars: 616) 

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> Organizing those onthe stedverse to oppose #Gsh instances and
Fediverse Apps. Organizing fo freedom af instances to associate wit
whom they wich and for private ap stores to have freedom of enterprise
totheirtems of use

Youte mentioning freedom, while urging instances to take away the
feeedom of association from their users. thought the #Fediverse was
supposed to bean open and free network? Why uge for intolerance ten?

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instance block rec 

@kittybecca Smug white guy with Bitcoin all over his profile like it defines his entire identity? Why am I not even surprised? :blobfrowningbig:

re: instance block rec 

@Jo @kittybecca There are at least 3 other bitcoin-dudes on this server… looks like a nest.

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