To understand why Trump believes he isn't an antisemite and why so much of the liberal Jewish establishment refuses to state otherwise, you need to understand that Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn, was a Jew who helped Joe McCarthy carry out the utter destruction of American Yiddish culture, known by the euphemism "Judeo-Bolshevism." And that the liberal Jewish establishment of the time, eager to look like good, patriotic Americans and not bad Jewish socialist conspirers, went along with this.

This is the real "dual loyalty" charge, and Trump has a long pedigree with it.

And so does the Anti-Defamation League, who refused to go to bat for any of the people purged and jailed and executed and made an example of.


Four authoritarian groups opposed to all forms of difference killed Yiddish culture: the Nazis, the Soviet Union, the McCarthyists, and the Zionists.

These groups were united in their belief that the Yid, the Bad Jew, was not to be trusted.

And as long as their goal is to homogenize the world, or to homogenize their country, or to subjugate everyone to their own ideology, they're right. They shouldn't trust us. And we'll necessarily outlive them, because their goal is impossible, and the existence of uncertainty, difference, nuance, conflict, etc. is a reality that will never go away.

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