i feel like answers to the question of "Will Mastodon become truly competitive to Twitter?" always miss the fact that mastodon instances are fundamentally centered around the needs of their users while Twitter has entirely different goals, making any comparison shortsighted

will Mastodon ever be as big a platform for celebrities and politicians? probably not. we were pretty hostile to Wesley. we tend to use this for the community aspects offered by other social media sites and we tend to be pretty hostile to the more commercial aspects of such sites.

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basically we're like "ok, we can get the good things offered by your site without all the bad things" - for people who don't agree that celebrity drama is one of the bad things, they'll probably always be on birdsite

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i don't think tech writers really get the idea that services exist to fill needs, niches, that people have needs and that these needs may vary between different people, that sometimes it's better if people who want X use the site for X, and people who want Y go to some other site

it's all a competition to them, and that's a big part of what we're trying to get away from, and what millennials and Gen Z in general are tired of

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the mindset with Facebook is like: OMG, people are on our site a lot, but they're still searching with other sites. how do we make our site a search engine? how do we make sure people never leave our site?

that's not the sort of attitude that community-based services have. we can't be everything to everyone, and we don't want to be.

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