Up until this part of the year my thoughts are generally "I am going to hate it when it gets cold"

Then it gets cold and I also remember there's also an all-pervasive, inescapable, mandatory, annoying holiday coming up


In general I like the comedy of Lewis Black, but his play-to-the-goyish crowd stuff gets to be annoying for me. There's no relating to that if you're Jewish. Christmas isn't great; it's annoying, it's everywhere, participation is usually mandatory in some sense, and you aren't allowed to say "it sucks." And in fact if he had said it sucked, he wouldn't have been as popular.

@derpayatz oh wow

he's a comedian who used to be on the daily show periodically; his schtick is angry Jewish guy barely holding it together. and his comedy is largely topical so i dunno where to start with him.


but he always rants about christmas and hanukkah, and while he makes a lot of points about christmas being annoyingly everywhere, he'll also say things like "christmas is great, hanukkah sucks" etc.

@kittybecca Looking up his wikipedia page was the first thing I did but it really didn't help the context, so thanks =)

@kittybecca Good heavens, Yom Kippur is the last thing I want to get even more angry about right now

@kittybecca Of course, it's true the Hanukah sucks but Xmas sucks more in a way that only the most hegemonic cultural ritual in the country can

@derpayatz hanukkah sucks largely because it's forced to compete and compare itself with christmas when the two aren't a great match at all

@kittybecca I suppose so. It sucked in Israel too but it also had a much, much lower profile

@kittybecca I really dislike that holiday too.

Never been a big fan of Mitha, and the holiday of the unconquerable sun.


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