yiddish question: is this the right way to say "never again for anyone"?

קײנמאָל מער פֿאַר קײנעם

or would it need a nit/nisht in there

קײנמאָל מער ניט פֿאַר קײנעם

or something else

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To be honest I don't even know how to make a Yiddish sentence that doesn't have a verb in it


@derpayatz i mean i know "keynmol mer" is the translation of "never again" that's on dachau upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia

and with a verb keynmol would take nit/nisht, which is omitted

which means keynmol mer far keynem should be right as well

I don't know why but it sounds clumsy 😕 so not sure. Maybe someone whose Hebrew is less rusty can respond

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