SVG of that Jewish anarchist symbol I made

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@steve it's really just part of a series of actions that have been taking place since the Tree of Life shooting... other people made Jewish anarchist symbols, i made my own

@kittybecca Very very cool circled Aleph. Is there a context to the rigor and smoothness of the glyph versus the typical anarchist symbol or was this chosen for different reasons?

@alice Simplicity was the main goal, especially as compared to the other I saw floating around, which had a serif aleph (very difficult to draw) inside a circle.

@alice I'd definitely be interested in making rougher stylized versions, and have played around with trying to make a version containing the typical handwritten aleph.

@kittybecca The DIY nature of the typical glyph certainly contributes to the aesthetic. But doesn't necessitate that jewish aesthetic fall in line with DIY aesthetic especially if DIY is alienated from jewish people. I would say go with the design you feel the most aligned with based on your personal experiences with jewish identity and anarchist principles or community.

@kittybecca Bona ideo, ma , persone, me ne vidas anarkiista nek jewisha simboloen ta imajo. Me mankas referenci.

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