hey so just a reminder not to buy israeli fruits and vegetables, sodastream home drink machines, ahava cosmetics, anything by HP, or sabra hummus, as these all benefit particularly severely from the oppression of palestinians and are current focuses of the global BDS movement

also if you're Jewish, please do everything you can to make sure your money doesn't end up in the hands of the JNF, including lobbying your synagogues or organizations etc.

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for other israeli products or for other products that benefit from the oppression of palestinians, consider your current economic ability to avoid purchasing them

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also check with your local/regional/national BDS movements to see if they are targeting anything in particular that the global movement isn't

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and consider getting involved in movements aimed at calling attention to the severity of the problems faced by Palestinians

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it's no surprise that the U.S. Congress passed a resolution condemning the boycott. the reason why BDS exists is because governments have failed to hold Israel accountable.

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(not to mention the bill itself was a veiled attack on Ilhan Omar at a time when she is being screamed at to "go back to her country")

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also reminder that individually targeting a particular product is not a good strategy. organize with some local movement against it, or join in the targeted campaigns that already exist.

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"Do your own research" is a fine answer to the following question:

Do you have a recommendation on which of the following groups I should learn more about first:


@emsenn you know, i'm not sure. i know mostly about the Jewish campaigns (e.g. JVP) and the USACBI. whichever ones seem most worth your time, i suppose, and whichever ones you think suit you best.

@kittybecca @shel very unforc addition: generic testosterone gel.

Like if u can afford the non generic... anyway.... i feel shitty every morning applying hrt lolololololol

@Hi_cial @kittybecca yeah a lot of medications and especially HRT is all made in tel aviv. There's unfortunately no way to avoid it with how insurance works and the like. Pikuach Nefesh, if it's an unavoidable medical thing then fine make an exception but just make up for it elsewhere.

@shel @Hi_cial important to note that BDS isn't asking people to kill themselves over israel, they are targeting specific products for a reason and then only for people who have the resources to target those products

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