wild how colonialism in the americas begins literally right after the ethnic cleansing of iberia

the exact same year when Muslims and Jews are finally expelled completely from what had been their home for many centuries, columbus sets sail from iberia

in Jews' case, for many Jews they had been there for millennia, at least since Roman times and maybe even from before Roman times

they had been there longer than Christianity was even a thing

i think the Reconquista is the closest historical parallel to Zionism, tbh. both in terms of ethnic cleansing and the idea that the land being "retaken" belongs to a specific religious group. complete with ethnic cleansing, though Zionism hasn't yet been as successful as the Reconquista was.

and i think ultimately few things compare to the extremity of the Reconquista, and i doubt Zionism has any aspirations of taking it that far. but it's still a horrific thing with many parallels.

@kittybecca yeah what's the deal with dudes who are like "well we were christianity-ing just fine and then the JEWS showed up" baffling revisionism

@bat @kittybecca well, history needs to fit the current arc of your desired trajectory

@kittybecca that's a fascinating parallel. one I sometimes think about as well: Liberia, which is a settler state founded by an American abolitionist society that deported escaped slaves back to Africa. the Americo-Liberians essentially formed a settler bourgeoisie and carved out their own state that, while it was never colonized by Europeans, fucked over the indigenous folks who lived there as well.

@kittybecca I cannot emphasize how oversimplified this analysis is but I generally think that the Liberian project is one that Americans, Jews, and American Jews really ought to know more about than we do

@melissasage definitely. i'd learned a bit about it but never made the connection. should look into it more

@kittybecca This is really making me think... I'm not sure they're directly comparable just given the timescales of each, but the way the nation states retroactively justified themselves after having already gained hegemony over their regions is veeery similar.

I dunno, I'm having a lot of thoughts about this and can't really convey them coherently right now :')

@GreenandBlack Regarding timescale, there's a myth that after the year 70 CE, Jews were completely expelled from the land. It's not true; Jews left in waves. There were three more rebellions prior to the Arab invasion, and many Jews left in the aftermath of each of these. While still others had to leave as a result of the Crusades, etc.

@GreenandBlack imo part of the problem is that for a lot of people, the Reconquista looks like at least a partially good thing. when it really wasn't. Christians had no more of a right to be in Iberia than Muslims and Jews did. a Christian nation was carved out of the peninsula as a result of ethnic cleansing, which proceeded to take credit for everything that had been the result of multicultural interaction, such as the Spanish language itself.

@GreenandBlack for that matter, a caliphate in Spain didn't have less of a right to exist than a Visigothic Christian Kingdom. both were immigrant kingdoms. fuck kingdoms and theocracies in general, but the cleansing that went on during that period to create a Catholic nation is absolutely extraordinary.



@kittybecca this was some hard shit to read about whilst doing first stages of thesis

@ArtistMarciaX i can imagine; it's always hard for me to read about... tangentially, is your thesis available online?

@kittybecca no bc it's not finished yet. I briefly discussed the relationship with jews and moors in connecting to Spanish ideas of blood purity leading to Casta in Latin America

@ArtistMarciaX i understand. i'd love to read it at some point when it's finished. good luck with it. all of these are things i'm hoping to look more into.

@kittybecca the Spanish archive cite isn't the most user friendly but you may find things there. I've used it for Puerto Rico and laws regarding tainos. It's.. Alot tho. Heavy. I will share if uni publishes

@kittybecca there's a few portals if I can find them again I'll link. For other euro archives

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