David Altabé - "Ay koza triste en ser Sefaradi"

Ay koza triste en ser Sefaradi,
i pensar en las sivdades ke deshi,
las glories del pasado ke pedri,
i la soledad en ke me kayi

En todas partes del mundo vivi,
i pedasos de mi alma abandoni,
i ansina vengo asolado a dezir
ke ay koza triste en ser Sefardi.



There's something sad in being Sephardi,
and thinking of the cities I've left,
the glories of the past that I've lost,
and the solitude into which I've fallen

In all parts of the world I've lived,
and abandoned pieces of my soul,
and so I come, isolated, to say
that there's something sad in being Sephardi.

@derpayatz funny enough, i found the first verse on a wiktionary entry.

the second verse i found by googling the first. it's apparently in a couple anthologies of Ladino poetry.

@derpayatz maybe a minor thing, but i had to personally transcribe the second stanza from Google Books and i misspelled "Sefaradi" as "Sefardi" due to being a native english speaker etc.

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