salvador dalí: hey surrealists can i have your techniques and aesthetic?

surrealists: to break down the cults of art and the artist and allow anyone to reclaim creativity for themselves while also opposing hierarchy on a social and economic level?

dalí: yeeeeeeeees

*actually props up fascism, makes himself extremely wealthy and builds a personality cult for himself and his art like a boss*

@kittybecca "One ought to be able to hold in one's head simultaneously the two facts that Dalí is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being" ~George Orwell

@GreenandBlack been thinking about this quote a lot since you posted it. i think it's brilliant - i think he very carefully chose the word "draughtsman" (as he usually carefully chose his words), because he's not calling him an artist, not calling him a surrealist, just saying he draws well.

and that's how i feel about him. he is the worst thing that ever happened to surrealism, his artistic value is questionable and depends on what you think the purpose of art is, but his paintings are nice.

@kittybecca Throwback to that one Spanish SciFi TV series which had an entire episode dedicated to "Yes Salvador Dali was very talented and a notable piece of Spanish history but also WHAT a self-centered self-supporting SCHMUCK".

@gaditb the problem is that lots of people will acknowledge those things about dalí, almost everyone will acknowledge those things about him easily, but virtually no one knows how great surrealism actually is, how dynamic and interactive it is, how much it tells you about yourself, how fun it is to interact with other surrealists, etc., because in most people's eyes it's just all about dalí

@gaditb surrealism is this wonderful amazing thing that not enough people understand, and what people call surrealism when talking about dalí is nothing like it, or is only like it on the most absolutely superficial levels

@gaditb and what makes it all worse is that anyone is supposed to be able to engage in surrealism, it's supposed to be anarchic, it's supposed to be (and is) for everyone

@gaditb it's just an enormous difference between a bunch of anarchists going around meeting random people and playing creative games with them and trying to retrain the way they think about creativity


dali's cult of personality that vaguely appropriates the aesthetic resulting from this

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