i just realized the yiddish word for internet is "internets" and i am so happy


turns out the second worst president ever was just speaking yiddish

god remember the simpler days of george w. bush when you were like "THIS IS ALL GOING TO END VERY BADLY, YOU ALL SHOULD BE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON" and everyone was like "lol no that's silly"

nowadays liberals are all "who ever could have foreseen this" and like every leftist is like "i did" and liberals are like "i guess we'll never know how this happened"

@kittybecca I don't know, if we're going to start ranking presidents by badness we have to start thinking about people like Andew Jackson

@derpayatz yeah i was just trying to say how bush was still really really unforgivably horrible even if trump is worse

@derpayatz i still hope to visit bush's grave after he dies and pop a squat on it... long-standing desire. just gonna have to add trump to the list.

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