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never again praxis 

good "never again" praxis is stopping Holocausts before they happen, when the warning signs are clear, as in the present-day U.S..

or even stopping things like the Holodomor or Japanese Internment before they happen, that's important as well. the Japanese Internment could have become like the Holocaust; there was nothing in the way that Americans responded to it that would have prevented that from happening here. (1/)

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here are the stores i have atm selling my designs

teepublic (largest number of designs atm):

redbubble (largest number of items to get designs on):


Hi again Fedizens,

A lot of justice is being fought for in many communities, and a lot of them need help and support, so that's why I'll be matching any donations to charity supporting black lives matters, bail funds in protesting communities, community funds, etc...

If you make a donation to ANY fund that's helping fight for justice now, send me proof and I'll match it up to $100 (while I have the funds left to do so)

If you want proof of my dono, just let me know (boosts encouraged!)


If people actually give a shit about PV, there is way to regularly give money to keep the instance up and running.

want to read more stuff by BIPOC about topics like systemic racial injustice, capitalism, whiteness, feminism, and prison abolition? for free? well, today's your lucky day. :boost_ok:

here's a list of tons of free ebooks by revolutionary BIPOC:

plus, a free ebook collection of writings about police violence:

cw abuse 

“Without the police/prisons/carceral justice system what will we do with rapists/abusers/etc.”

Lemme let you in on a secret that’s not a secret. The police literally did nothing about those things in the first place. As a survivor the police just escalated abuse and gaslit me, demonized me, called me a liar. And they did the same to almost every survivor I know when they got involved. A lot of the police are fucking domestic abusers and rapists themselves. Fuck the fucking police

Ayyyy, we fully funded @ArtistMarciaX (for now)

There are other black folks on the fedi that need help though like @melaninpony who is a trans enby artist and also hilarious$melaninpony

Also reminder that black liberation benefits all people.

We're not talking about licensing or copyleft in this week's chat, we'll be discussing ways to dismantle systemic racism in free software this week. Please join us,

I've been here for almost three years and I've amassed enough data to clearly see 99% of the people on here straight up lie about making the fedi better for Black folks because they are still cool with people that have dedicated themselves to malign any fucking effort that does not make white people instantly comfortable.

So I'm through talking. Y'all can jerk each other off b/c I'm going to actual focus on the work of make a safe space and not run off at the mouth about it.

Bye and fuck you.

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If you're Black/Brow and are sick of having to manage yourself to make white people feel comfortable give me a shout. The PV local experience is vastly superior to the flaming dumpster fire that is the fediverse.

If you're not Black/Brown, you're going to need recommendations from at least two people PV is cool with if you want access.

I don't give a fuck how this makes anyone feel.

We've given y'all multiple chances to be decent in the most basic human sense and you can't.

So here we are.

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As the fediverse has proven itself to be violently antagonistic to anything not centering whiteness and committed to performative actions that don't mean shit to targeted communities, I'm focusing on PV until I build a viable solution to get us off this shit show.

I have absolutely no confidence in the bullshit efforts most instances have made at moderation as it largely doesn't do shit to stop abuse, mostly because y'all are friends with these people.

So I'm not wasting my time anymore.

Wanna make your instances welcoming to everyone, not just my Black ass:

Get your CoC in check
Get rid of chuds when they get reported
Clean up your act

and don't fucking whine when ppl block your shit, good lord

mines and others safety > your feelings

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It's always news when people destroy property but how come the ten o clock news never talks 'bout how property destroys people?!

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You get zero points in Jewish culture for having the right beliefs or attitudes if you don't apply them to action. That really puts a damper on keyboard activism.

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So an aspect of Judaism that massively helps political organizing is that Jewish culture, as a general rule, couldn't give a damn about why a person did a right thing. What matters is the right thing was done.

I know that for me it really motivated me into the streets.

There's literally nothing more disgusting than a corporate consulting firm that specializes in building "grassroots" movements. I'm noticing these parasites starting to mobilize off the latest uprising. Don't let them.

That shit is classic Extend Embrace and Extinguish.

"why do ppl ban my instance? :'("

are you actively and swiftly getting rid of shitlords, folks posting illegal/gross shit, and folks causing trouble on your instance?

if you answered no

Surprise 🎊 that's probably why

You WIN!

(Non-black Jewish folks are the only ones on here I've seen visibility showing up for black lives and also extended into the real world.)

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So, let me say once again, fuck everybody who ain't black except non-black Jewish folks on here because yall don't show up until a nigga's under a tarp on the street.

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You all are using the death of a black person, the deaths of black people at the hands of police, as a pathway for your rage for every goddamn issue EXCEPT antiblackness.

Because if you really cared, you would show up for black life. You would show up for black health. But you ain't about that life. And if you were, you'd notice that all your black friends done fled their accounts.

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