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"lol the MSM just cites anonymous sources. i know for a fact they're lying, because QAnon told me"
-the average trump supporter

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the prollycule: for all those girls you have crushes on that are probably mutual but neither of you act on them

I need to get my life in order but I don't really want to

@kittybecca it's right there in the name, all along; nobody should be surprised

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re: Thread, slurs & infiltrator 

Thread, slurs & infiltrator 

Thread, slurs & infiltrator 

I’m so tired of people calling the calling out of racism “drama” and saying it’s “cancel culture.”

Grow the fuck up and hold people accountable, especially the young ones.

Because they’re obviously not being held accountable by anyone else and

that’s a p r o b l e m.

Threat of harrassment, David Bond, Gab 

The killer of Heather Heyer, James Alex Fields, Jr. , just caught two life sentences for her murder, but yeah, it's just words on the internet.

Listening to white people like this will get people killed.

Think about this post the next time you're tempted to pass judgement on someone for being the "angry black man" or "psycho latina" or whatever the stereotype is for Asians, forgive me, I forget.

Hoohoo that attitude isn't helping your cause.

Fuck your politeness politics.

This fight isn't new to most of us. We are exhausted. We are done with the bullshit. We will not entertain it, we will not give our lives and sanity to people that are invested in harming us.

a point that they don't ultimately care about. they care about tiring you out and making you give up.

do not engage.

full stop. that's the only way to subvert the cycle. do not engage them. tell them 'no'. tell them 'do your own research'. or just stop responding. that's the only way to 'win'.

because they will not change their mind. we have seen this for generations now. know when the cause is lost, retreat, and prepare yourself for another day. there is no loss in saving yourself.

someone asked on hellsite, "Why are the most tiresome people also the most tireless?"

y'all, this is a tactic. this is something that the alt-right and Nazis and even Libertarians deliberately cultivate.

when you argue in bad faith, you don't need resources, you don't need fact checks, but they will demand your's, because as someone fighting for the moral good, you feel compelled to deliver and they know this. they know you will run yourself ragged trying to prove a point.

broke: telling poor people to get a job

craic: telling landlords to get a job

U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

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