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My Liberapay is back

I definitely would appreciate donations; it's very hard for me to get from month-to-month.

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tbh there's not enough room to list my languages in the four profile slots so i'm going to post this and pin it

native: english

fluent: esperanto

intermediate: interlingua, spanish

okay: elefen, german, hebrew, klingon, latin, toki pona, yiddish

beginner-level: arabic, ladino, turkish, volapük

vague comprehension: catalan, french, italian, portuguese

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running up against the same propaganda over and over again

having to make the same points over and over again

having to deal with the same bigoted nonsense

trying to get through to people about why they should be decent humans who care about others

yo i heard u like mansplaining so i becaime a YouTuber

War on Christmas jokes, being a wet blanket about them, antisemitism Show more

GOP balloons deficit, then blames social spending Show more

Hey! We need your help to get housing for four working-class families in Philadelphia who got caught in a rental scam! As someone who has been housing stable, my heart goes out to them. I donated, could you please donate too? Please boost this everywhere! 1 of them is a pregnant single mother of three who was housing unstable for two years, thought she'd finally found housing, only to get scammed! Please contribute what you can and share this around. It would mean a lot to me!!

We're already halfway to our initial goal to support these four working-class families of color in Philadelphia who got scammed by a fake landlord!! Thank you all so much for turning out in such large numbers again! Let's keep this ball rolling and raise enough to full fund deposits for homes for all four families!!

so, i'm now selling my e-books on Etsy, in case people don't want to sign up at Smashwords but already have an Etsy

the thing is, unlike Smashwords, Etsy doesn't let you set your own price. but, here you go if interested:

i am planning to start putting together hand-made print books when i get the money, time, and spoons, and that will be the perfect place for them!

War on Christmas jokes, being a wet blanket about them, antisemitism Show more

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets except it's Twitter execs reading tweets Twitter claimed didn't violate Twitter standards, to their moms

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

sleep is goodi try to get on more committees

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@kittybecca like its worth pointing out that you cant consume your way out of capitalism, and veganism is co-opted like everything else, but some people seem to go "and therefore veganism is bad" which is and interesting take

I can't possibly be the only person who remembers this show. Was it even real.

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