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If you'd like to me (I am disabled w/ disabled trans partners and literally poor), all of my pay thingiedoos are under my pen name, @catherinebkrause :



Direct Stripe:

Ko-fi (buy me a coffee):

Smashwords (poetry books, reader sets price):

Almost any e-book store: search "catherine b. krause" there

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Leftists refuse to be frightened by pigs and militia freaks even when they have guns and the law on their side and fascists can be rendered into paralyzed states by… milkshakes, eggs, and just general antifa people walking around. Never ever forget the power you have when you conquer fear.

@kittybecca This is really true and good.

Cats having a built-in social script for apologies is so useful considering how often mine run right under my feet.

cats are soooo affectionate and they're also really quite forgiving if you make an effort with them

they'll be like "hey fucking stop" and they'll show you how much they mean it by staying away for a bit but then they'll be rubbing up against you purring, and as long as you don't keep doing what you did you're ok

we could all learn from cats, in both their assertiveness and willingness to forgive

It might be too easy to say this but living in fascism is constantly indoctrinating us with the message that it’s good to be snarky, demeaning, condescending, and unkind.

We must fight authority and privilege, while taking advantage from the benefits that civilisation has conferred. We must not destroy anything that satisfies human need however badly -- until we have something better to put in its place.
-- Errico Malatesta

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It’s impossible to get anything done on #Caturday when your cat wants to hack the Internet. 😂💗


DENVER COMRADES: I was just informed that there is an ICE checkpoint set up at Kentucky and Sheridan. They are pulling ppl over & searching vehicles.



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