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hey so we have two disabled trans women in this house atm, one of whom is in the process of filing for disability and doesn't have it yet, and one older low-income gay man, very vulnerable to coronavirus, who has no more work for the rest of the month, so if anyone would like to help us, i know things are tough for everyone right now but anything helps

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the word diaspora was originally coined for the scattering of Jews from Eretz Yisrael, and later extended to any other group of people living away from some point of origin, without necessarily any connotation of hope for/expectation of return, just a basic acknowledgement of a historical point of origin

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Reminder that my Proletariat 2020 design is on Wikimedia Commons under a CC-Zero license, for anyone to print out and wheatpaste, or to iron onto a T-shirt themselves:

Let me know what other designs you'd be interested in seeing released. Also, you can show your appreciation by buying me a cup of coffee:

Or becoming a supporter on Liberapay:

Or just throwing some money my way:

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here are the stores i have atm selling my designs

teepublic (largest number of designs atm):

redbubble (largest number of items to get designs on):



welcome to Earth, here's what you need to know

animals are biomachines that turn tasty stuff into foul-smelling stuff

plants are biomachines that turn foul-smelling stuff into tasty stuff

mushrooms are... well we don't actually know what mushrooms do but they're pretty cool

the fact that Heinz is known for things other than condiments outside of the US is incredibly bizarre to me

I just love Ewan McGreggor's Obi-wan. I can't even describe it. The whole sequence where he fights Count Dooku and rides around on the giant barking iguana, it's classic cinema.

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even that word "Haredi" is an Israeli term, as my Yiddish teacher pointed out to me this week

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apart from among Haredi Jews, Israelnormativity has driven Ashkenazi culture in the U.S. nearly to extinction

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the main problem in U.S. Judaism is israelnormativity rather than ashkenormativity

draw fursonas with kippot and mobility aids and visible disabilities you cowards

By the way, don't trust people that refuse to self-quarantine. It's that kind of people who would more likely hide you a zombie bite. #covid19

words are the biggest problem with modern society, we should all just live without describing it

ive always said we need to use this in my mouth and restraining my dick off and being sick this week

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