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If you'd like to me (I am disabled w/ disabled trans partners and literally poor), all of my pay thingiedoos are under my pen name, @catherinebkrause :



Direct Stripe:

Ko-fi (buy me a coffee):

Smashwords (poetry books, reader sets price):

Almost any e-book store: search "catherine b. krause" there

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Revised, single-article version of my long thread on European Jewish history (cw antisemitism, colonialism):

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freddie mercury would be so proud of all of us except the terfs and exclusionists

@fobo "THis is my box. there are many like it, but this one is mine 🐱 "

the fedi is just queer people loving and affirming each other the way we didn't get when we were kids and i love that

@_ampersand @erosdiscordia @quad I'm sensing that this entire thing is tied closely to avocado discourse. White culture is dying when millenials are drawn towards Latinx guacamole!

IKR? What the fuck is an "identity condiment"?

Do Boomers really think that because we're particular about our gender labels, that we literally identify as Mustard or Sriracha too at lunchtime?

Roll on, entropy.

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rambling abt praxis Show more

"Can I get coding socks? Like, ones that are in heat? That's not what I normally do on the 10th floor of one of you :)

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