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"if you don't punch nazis, you're as bad as they are"
-nuremburg trials

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here are the stores i have atm selling my designs

teepublic (largest number of designs atm):

redbubble (largest number of items to get designs on):


contrary to what i previously thought, designbyhumans isn't the cheapest; the price i was looking at was only for me.

which one is cheapest varies depending on who is having sales, etc.

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unfortunately i don't accept follow requests from very new accounts, especially with a small number of posts

i also tend not to accept follow requests from people whose instances aren't clear about their anti-hate mechanisms, etc.... due to all the scum on the fediverse (gab and kiwifarms etc.) it might be best to interact before sending a follow request

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SVG of that Jewish anarchist symbol I made

It's CC-Zero... but if you like it and have any money to throw my way, consider supporting my work by getting a T-shirt:

Or buying me a cup of coffee:

Or becoming a supporter on Liberapay:

Or just throwing some money my way:

i ask that of all my prey

i just like the sound of it

tell me, my friend, have you ever lived in a society

fast food 

la saĝa viro klinis la kapon solene kaj parolis: "fakte estas nenia diferenco inter bonaj k malbonaj aferoj. vi sencerbulo. vi fekidioto."

Israel/Palestine, deadly political cynicism 


i think the main message of the legend of korra is "intellectual property is bullshit; it doesn't prevent people from shitting on good creative works. might as well let everyone interpret them as they see fit rather than giving whoever owns the IP the exclusive right to shit on it"

unless, of course, they were already radical before getting there and still are

Don't trust anyone who lived in DC for more than three months and wasn't radicalized

Freedom is when you don't resist Nazis, and the less you resist Nazis, the freedomer it is

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