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Reminder that my Proletariat 2020 design is on Wikimedia Commons under a CC-Zero license, for anyone to print out and wheatpaste, or to iron onto a T-shirt themselves:

Let me know what other designs you'd be interested in seeing released. Also, you can show your appreciation by buying me a cup of coffee:

Or becoming a supporter on Liberapay:

Or just throwing some money my way:

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Jewish students want a new set of voices on their campuses. Judaism On Our Own Terms is a network of students and groups that aims to share resources and knowledge across North American campuses, and bring together new independent communities in the process.

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Re- seeing as I first joined a Mastodon instance in June 2017

My name is Riva, Rivka or Becca, and I'm a queer disabled Jewish trans woman in upstate NY. I'm diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder.

I'm also a published poet, design T-shirts, and contribute to free-content projects like Wiktionary. And I'm an avid language learner; my profile lists my main languages. Finally, I'm Jewish and very into Jewish culture!

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here are the stores i have atm selling my designs

teepublic (largest number of designs atm):

redbubble (largest number of items to get designs on):


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unfortunately i don't accept follow requests from very new accounts, especially with a small number of posts

i also tend not to accept follow requests from people whose instances aren't clear about their anti-hate mechanisms, etc.... due to all the scum on the fediverse (gab and kiwifarms etc.) it might be best to interact before sending a follow request

Ask some angry neckbeard dude and he'll give you 22 reasons to be tedious and boring and it works so much

@kittybecca This list is false, there's no way there isn't a "Judaism" in there somewhere.

the four pillars of white genocide: homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, and secularism. i have them all, and soon i will rule the world, and there's nothing you can do to stop me, mwa ha ha ha...

@swampwitch69 Will you be doing a poll so we can choose which of these you forgive?

germans love radishes, tech and eurodance and i will only forgive them one of these things

dreamt i was watching reruns of michael jordan playing for the bulls, but i was the only person who knew they were reruns or, apparently, that he existed at all; everyone else was like "this guy is great, who is he? he looks promising"

i'm going to make this into an independent filme

Ho vi stultaj cionistoj
kun viaj stultaj mensetoj,
vi iru tuj al laboristo
kaj lernu ĉe li lertecon.

Vi volas nin gvidi Jerusalemen;
ni ja malsatmortos tie.
Prefere restos ni Rusie;
ni liberigos nin mem.

the internet is returning back to the point where search engines are useless for actually finding information

public libraries are welcoming folks back with open arms

them: "just google it"
google: here are 3 pages of content farms & someone from a forum owned by a media conglomerate telling you the answer is on a facebook post locked behind a login wall

You ask, "Are leggings pants?" when the real question is, "Has God abandoned us?"

need 7 ft tall girl to pick me up one handed... pls... it's an emergency...

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