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unfortunately i don't accept follow requests from very new accounts, especially with a small number of posts

i also tend not to accept follow requests from people whose instances aren't clear about their anti-hate mechanisms, etc.... due to all the scum on the fediverse (gab and kiwifarms etc.) it might be best to interact before sending a follow request

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SVG of that Jewish anarchist symbol I made

It's CC-Zero... but if you like it and have any money to throw my way, consider supporting my work by getting a T-shirt:

Or buying me a cup of coffee:

Or becoming a supporter on Liberapay:

Or just throwing some money my way:

the death of Think Progress leaves a void in my typical news consumption, any recs? I already read Common Dreams

peak tankie is supporting the Chinese occupation of Tibet while opposing Israel

mania is a scam invented by the pharmaceutical company to sell more mood stabilizers

i love how wikipedia has an "Antifa (United States)" page just to contain all the nonsense and propaganda from american media

update: going to be deactivating my designs tomorrow for the climate strike so if you want something then today's the day

there was no such thing as a cis prior to the 20th century they were made up

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