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My mom's cat is the small colour as the carpet which makes walking around her apartment very hazardous.

NEED LEGAL HELP 🇨🇦; homophobia; ableism 

דזש. ק. ראָולינג איז אַ „טערף” 

pressing my signet ring into sealing wax. sending off bernie's invitation to my pesach seder

I visited my local temple and made hamentaschen for the first time!
I felt so welcome there, I'm considering going back.

@TeethTeethTeeth using architecture words like mass and program and ornamentation but about my guy's dick

people put an absurd amount of effort into tearing each other apart on usenet

huh, i coulda swore we came to a community-wide consensus on how CWs are a courtesy rather than an obligation, and while they serve a real purpose ultimately we're not each rigidly beholden to the wildly subjective standards of every single other user out there.

i must be thinking of a different conversation that hundreds of people had like eight times already this year alone. 🤔

kids today don't remember the old Usenet flamewars, and that's a good thing, because i was a kid during them and i'm still in therapy

i have a confession. a jewish confession. i love christmas-time bc there's so many fucking fir-scented candles for sale. i love that smell ! i love to make my room smell like the woods. everything else is bunk. i just want the candles. do you have a coupon ? i'm stocking up

don’t like these jokes abt killing g-d. some people are jaded AND religious

i HATE how npr’s coverage of COVID-19 emphasizes its economic impact over its human impacts. hate it

Me, having been awake since 8 am but done nothing until now, 2 pm: I think I'm emotionally and mentally read to send that email that will take me five minutes to compose now

here's a word for all of my goyische friends who really appreciate Judaism: weeajew

In case you missed it, there was a great article about The Forward in Columbia Journalism Review earlier this month titled “What happened to The Forward?: How America’s Jewish newspaper lost the left”

gonna find every physics term containing "fermi" and replace it with femboy until i find something funny

femboy liquid theory

femboy bubbles

the femboy paradox

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