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Brb gonna kidnap an Immortel from the Académie française to force them to change "quatre vingt dix" to "trois trente"

joe biden just watched like two weeks of appalling police brutality AT THE POLICE BRUTALITY PROTESTS and said "there's never been a better time to give the cops a raise"

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i think a lot that i was born to be a jew, but my life experiences had to clear my eyes for it to really happen. in my view of my past life, there’s no justice. no peace. but maybe in my life as a jew i can work toward justice & peace

Newer version of the 6-colour pride flag with a 5-colour chevron on the left side, including trans colours and POC colours. I like this version.

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TL;DR: Eminent rabbi from the 11th–12th century says be gay, do crime.

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But once his eyes had done away with my heart, his hand fastened the yoke of my sin, and he looked for grievances against me. He raged and shouted in fury: ‘Enough! Leave me alone! Do not drive me to crime, do not lead me astray!’

Oh, do not be unrelenting in your anger, fawn. Show me the wonders of your love, my friend; kiss your friend and fulfil his desire. If you wish to let me live — give me life; but if you would kill — then kill me!

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Why, why would they discourage me ? If there be any sin or guilt in being ravished by your beauty — let the Lord be my judge! Do not let your heart be swayed by the words of my tormentor, that obstinate man. Oh, come put me to the test!

He was lured and we went to his mother’s house. There he bent his back to my heavy yoke. Night and day I alone was with him. I took off his clothes and he took off mine, I sucked at his lips and he suckled me.

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by Rabbi Moses ibn Ezra (c. 1055–1138)

My heart’s desire and my eyes’ delight: the hart beside me and a cup in my right hand!

Many denounce me for loving, but I pay no heed. Come to me, fawn, and I shall vanquish them. Time will consume them and death will shepherd them away. Oh come to me, fawn, let me feast on the nectar of your lips until I am satisfied.

דזש. ק. ראָולינג איז אַ „טערף” 

At last, I found out where one can order the newly published Yiddish translation of Harry Potter

pressing my signet ring into sealing wax. sending off bernie's invitation to my pesach seder

I visited my local temple and made hamentaschen for the first time!
I felt so welcome there, I'm considering going back.

i have a confession. a jewish confession. i love christmas-time bc there's so many fucking fir-scented candles for sale. i love that smell ! i love to make my room smell like the woods. everything else is bunk. i just want the candles. do you have a coupon ? i'm stocking up

don’t like these jokes abt killing g-d. some people are jaded AND religious

i HATE how npr’s coverage of COVID-19 emphasizes its economic impact over its human impacts. hate it

Me, having been awake since 8 am but done nothing until now, 2 pm: I think I'm emotionally and mentally read to send that email that will take me five minutes to compose now

In case you missed it, there was a great article about The Forward in Columbia Journalism Review earlier this month titled “What happened to The Forward?: How America’s Jewish newspaper lost the left”

gonna find every physics term containing "fermi" and replace it with femboy until i find something funny

femboy liquid theory

femboy bubbles

the femboy paradox

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