I've eaten so many super hot peppers, hot sauces, and pepper flakes that normal jalapenos aren't even spicy anymore. It's like black pepper to me.

My urban farming project , dubbed Rabich kibbutz because I put my neighbors to work but also feed them, has a wish list. Please support my work.


Cash donations to sharochka@gmail.com

Peppers are my specialty but I also grow potatoes, onions, spinach, okra, cucumbers, zuchinni, tomatoes, kale, and herbs. Stay tuned throughout the growing season to see my results.

Extremely excited about pepper seeds I've ordered. Count Dracula, African Piri Piri, Trinidad moruga scorpion chocolate, Aji lemon, and a South American mix that includes:

2.Jalapeño Zapotec
3.Purple Serrano
4.Chile de Àrbol
5.Aji amarillo
6.Cheiro Roxa
7. Red Habanero
8. Guajillo

There will be so much hot sauce.

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gefilt just means filled or stuffed, so technically anything that's stuffed can be called gefilte ____. e.g., ravioli? gefilte noodles. jelly donuts? more like gefilte donuts. gushers? gefilte gummies.

Debian based distro good for low power devices. Posting from my Aspire one...


Homemade pizza with a homemade hot sauce base, bacon, tomatoes, and mozzarella.

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gun control is important because you wouldn't want to miss

It's too much sometimes, all the pain in this world.

My Thai chili has survived mild frost damage and is recovering well. It may seem counterintuitive to let a plant get frost damage, but it's how you make them cold hardy.

Thank you kind folks. Your generosity is more than sufficient.

I'm watching Terminator Dark Fate. (Spoiler alerts)


Things I love about this movie:

Sarah Connor is back, and let let her be a grey haired, wrinkled grandma who will blow you up.

All the heroes are women.

The resistance is a Mexican woman.

Depressed, anxious, and hungry is mood. If anyone can send solidarity food funds to sharochka@gmail.com. I have two more days to survive.

It doesn't help self worth asking strangers for food but remember that's capitalist gaslighting as a note to self.

Can someone cheer for me? I need a, "You can do it!"...

There's so much I need to get my spring garden restarted properly. Soil, fertilizer, straw or mulch, seed, and equally important to the supplies - labor help.

The dream is a queer kibbutz not one old man going ham on his own.

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economic freedom is when you have to pay a doctor hundreds of dollars to be told you're not buying enough food for yourself

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