Oy, Ir Narishe Tsienistn - Oh, You Foolish Little Zionists (Better Quality)

The common version of this song on YouTube is a live recording, so I figured it would be a good idea to upload this version too.


Viva la motherfkn France!

France: 'Yellow vest' protesters storm ministry in Paris

Protests involving 50,000 turn violent in French cities as demonstrators smash into ministry with a forklift in Paris.


I eat a lot of this ramen. This is not the instant garbage. This is organic noodles and ramen broth with seared, marinated ahai tuna and cod (marinade is lemon juice and peel, ginger, and a jalapeno), green onion, soy sauce, fish sauce, chili oil, and sambalek. This tastes like health and open sinuses.

January is soup month. Make you some fish soup on a budget.

End of month Ukha - Cooking with Boris

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Slavic survival food for broke folks.

SURVIVAL ROUND - How to survive 4 weeks on 50€ ($60)

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Soviet style piroshki (пирожки) with Komrade Kat

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