antisemitic conspiracy theory with bonus pseudoscience 

super bizarre conspiracy theory spotted: the convention of middle A being 440 Hz was engineered by the Rothschild family to control people

combined with the misconception that 432 Hz was the previous standard, and then some pseudoscience and misunderstanding of what tuning conventions mean

(actual music history: tuning conventions varied by location and time period, anywhere from 410 Hz to 460 iirc)


antisemitic conspiracy theory with bonus pseudoscience 

Transcript 2 of 3: There is music that has a 432 natural healing frequency that can make you feel extremely lucid and alive. Like Mozart, Beethoven, Bob Marley and Jim Hendrix, ect. Since the 1930s most of the proclaimed 432 artists that bucked the system either randomly died or were murdered. Coincidence? Probably not. They need us in that negative frequency to maintain control.

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