pol, guns 

You want cops out of synagogues? You have to present an alternative. If prayers stopped bullets, well, we've done a lot of praying over the centuries.

We need well-organized, armed community self-defense in solidarity and collaboration with other targeted groups.

reminder that you have no obligation to skip medications on fasting days, including yom kippur. especially if they are medications that help you with , , or . ❤️

don't armchair diagnose abuse perps 

YouTube recommended me a video "narcissist, sociopath, psychopath: how to spot the difference" and i just. no.

first: why the term psychopath is ableist and racist. bgdblog.org/2014/01/racist-abl

second: it does not matter what is causing someone to abuse you. you can give people the tools to recognize and resist abuse tactics without armchair diagnosing anyone (which would increase violence against people with personality disorders)

yiddish speakers should consider applying to this: incubator.duolingo.com/courses

the course has been stalled for a while, it seems

question: is there a special shabbat shuvah greeting, or do we wish each other shabbat shalom / gut shabbes like on any other shabbat?

hey y'all have some emojis for shabbat and other times! you can use these one your instances without crediting me.

@derpayatz @dzuk

the high holy days are about hearing the toots of the special toot-toot

Hurricane notification, offer of help 

If there are any #fediverse denizens who are in the eastern Carolinas and have nowhere to evacuate to, I can probably house about three people in #ColumbiaSC (in close quarters) for a few days. We're not 100% outside the affected zone, we should get tropical storm winds and rain, and there's an outside chance of some flooding. But if you've got no place to go, DM me.

Boosts OK.
#hurricane #florence #HurricaneFlorence #evacuation

how i know that i chose the right temple: my rabbi was excited about my antifa pins and my "autism speaks is a hate group" pin at services today 🤩

Looking for a (preferably Jewish) developer who wants to work on a platform to distribute Yiddish music to the masses. There's a little money, hopefully more later.

@ your Jewish nerd friends

another blocky block block block 

raki.social has been suspended for being a shitty data mining instance (soc.uwu.st/@bootsy/10068106241, also, the reports I've seen and the actual follow bots)

this is so wholesome and nice and i feel this as a person converting to judaism who has non-jewish spouses.


recommended instance block 

melalandia.tk has a stated policy of unfettered free speech and their admin boosts child porn from pawoo and baraag.net. (also at least suspend media from pawoo and baraag.net.)

Can anyone help get food to an elderly, disabled woman who has none?

Mail the macaroni drive. Please send ANY food to:

Mrs. Haney, 2454 lawn Ave. Kansas City Missouri 64127

This story is a trip. Local chabad sees a Conservative shul is having problems, moves in enough of their people to have a voting majority, takes it over, has locks changed. forward.com/news/national/4087

wanted: a book or website that explains the communist manifesto in ways that are accessible to me as a person with ADHD and reading comprehension difficulties. i want to read theory but it's generally inaccessible for my brain. anyone know of such a resource?

Don't plan any illegal stuff online at all! There are no channels that are truly secure from the government. Your phone isn't safe. Alexa isn't safe. The only civil action I've done was discussed in person, with people I knew, in a room that had been cleared of electronics. (It's over, no danger of arrest.)

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