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reminder that you have no obligation to skip medications on fasting days, including yom kippur. especially if they are medications that help you with , , or . ❤️

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question: is there a special shabbat shuvah greeting, or do we wish each other shabbat shalom / gut shabbes like on any other shabbat?

hey y'all have some emojis for shabbat and other times! you can use these one your instances without crediting me.

@derpayatz @dzuk

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the high holy days are about hearing the toots of the special toot-toot

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how i know that i chose the right temple: my rabbi was excited about my antifa pins and my "autism speaks is a hate group" pin at services today 🤩

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Looking for a (preferably Jewish) developer who wants to work on a platform to distribute Yiddish music to the masses. There's a little money, hopefully more later.

@ your Jewish nerd friends

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this is so wholesome and nice and i feel this as a person converting to judaism who has non-jewish spouses.


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Can anyone help get food to an elderly, disabled woman who has none?

Mail the macaroni drive. Please send ANY food to:

Mrs. Haney, 2454 lawn Ave. Kansas City Missouri 64127

This story is a trip. Local chabad sees a Conservative shul is having problems, moves in enough of their people to have a voting majority, takes it over, has locks changed. forward.com/news/national/4087

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