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Hey it's Gigio, a goblin from the early 90s. I'm schizophrenic, bipolar, woman-adjacent agender, mixed-race, intersex, polyamorous asexual (it's complicated, mostly platonic)... I also have PTSD, arthritis, a rare colorblindness, advanced myopia and extreme lactose intolerance (I'm basicaly vegan nowadays).

My interests include my tribe's history, my ancestors' cultures, decolonisation, judaism, 3D sculpting, conlangs/conworlds, inorganic liches, scientific/consistent magic systems etc.

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diaper fetish/politics/antisemitism cw 

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oh no my cat is still terrified of the paper guy. he throws the newspaper in our front yard every sunday and as soon as my cat hears his motorcycle's engine she hides under the kitchen table (even if she is on the other side of the house)

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I've begun writing my speech for the Anti-Racist Indigenous Peoples rally on the 28th.

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White people using "Savage" in its slang form is like nails on chalkboard

rambling about eyesight / ableism ? 

i still cant decide whether i want to use the tupi-portuguese or guarani-spanish spelling convention for my stuff lmao. the former would make more sense tho

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fellas, is it gay to interlock? You're just becoming united or joined closely, as by hooking or dovetailing.

my brain farted and i thought "uk" was short for "ukraine"


some wip renders of the ongoing revamp im doing to Wokaya (flat planet shaped like a sixfold sea star or flower with a luminous underside) and the log cabin model (loosely recreating the rainforest mountain top grandpa lives in complete with the nearby creek)

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trans talk 

environmental destruction shitpost 

3D modeling equivalent of "drawing on wrong layer" is when you edit a vertex group but realise it was the wrong one

this time i almost permanently wrecked the vertex group controling tree generation thinking it was the topology displacement one lmao

alright it's time for art!

*spaces out and rereads the lore behind silent hill's solar goddess for hours on end instead*

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"the best part of the goose game is the fact that it (rightfully) refuses to recognize the existence of Australia"

suicide cw 

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