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White people who claim to have a "spiritual connection" with nature and yet barge into ecosystems without permission or gratefulness for cheap Istagram selfies.

i dont come to the fediverse in a while and suddenly it's on fire again with anti-[insert ethnic group]-ism shit blowing up? better go back to Blender and finish Yazmín's model that I was supposed to finish in late july

when i was a kid whenever i saw govt ads on tv about them "creating 5468415 thousand new jobs" i thought they were literally inventing new careers/professions, not employing professionals lol

idk i cant trust anyone who makes "sabbath-themed" art complete with christian demons yikes

long list of things that have lived in my shed 

- savannah cats (old owner)

- dogs (old owner)

- thousands of mites (the fuck was wrong with the former owners???? did their pets live infested??)

- turkeys (brasilian christmas is a lot like thanksgiving and being farmers we raised one)

- calango lizards (theyre like tiny iguanas)

- tegus (kinda look like giant skinks)

- and now a siamese cat my own cat is afraid of

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Death Blowing Bubbles, stucco detail on the ceiling in the chapel at the Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany. (attributed to Johann Georg Leinberger c. 1730, photographer unknown)

"remember when the biggest issue used to be X" of fuck off that just shows how privileged you are to the point you could have ignored every thing social issue until now

police brutality, birdsite 

when u play a minimally captioned video on Birdsite thinking it's gonna be a meme but nope, surprise police brutality

rambling about conlangs 

ive been fleshing out my Romari conlang with dedication not seen since like *thinks* 2013 when i split it from Omnarom (both share a grammar but not lexicon). i feel like my conlanging experience improved a lot last year when i split Omnarom further into three child languages plus Omnarom proper. probably also related to the fact i started researching local languages more seriously last year (my family's language is extinct but theres a living close relative)

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jews.intl instance meta 

Hi friends,
As you can see I haven't been very active lately, and the person who's been doing most of the moderation has left. I can't be responsible for administering this instance anymore, but I don't want to shut it down. So this means I need someone to take my place and take over administering the instance, and ideally take over the hosting contract too.


ive been using twitter almost exclusively lately in terms of social media cos thats where i post rough conworld factoids and art progression by default. tho i might be depressed i guess

brain weirdness 

been thinking of my 2016 dreams where I dreamt I was a character of mine except still myself except I had little to no access to that version of me's memories or perspective. and suddenly remembered of my amnesia thing in early 2013 after a car wreck in Dec 2012 where i would "nap" only to find myself in a completely different place with family claiming I had done X or Y while ostensibly unconscious. these two quite possibly the weirdest experiences in my life so far.

cis-perisex people obsessing over babies' genitals 

the worst part of having a new family member is having to put up with literal hundreds of family members gushing over the unborn's genitals fucking hell

when you want to work on something but your humansona is fatigued

"gentry" reminds me a lot of the portuguese term for "plebians/poor people" (gentalha) and i keep mixing them up alkdjf

i honestly feel insecure in colorblind spaces sometimes when deutan and protan people go "dont explain deutan/protan to us as if we're stupid, we already know it" while my tritan ass here needs constant reminders of the difference between the too

animal death 

young kitty wants to play tag. she keeps puffing up her fur, looking at us with beady eyes and then darts off expecting us to chase her. life for her is gonna be a bit more boring now that old kitty is no longer around to play with her

raising your kids in two languages so theyre unable to sound like native speakers in either language for the rest of their lives

animal death 

young cat has been afraid of old cat ever since old cat became lethargic and shaggy (weight loss, hospital stays and decreased grooming made him look ugly as hell). i think she thinks he may have something contagious, plus his new scent is probably confusing her


everyone in my family is still visiting extended family, coughing into food and everywhere, leaving their dirty masks all over the place and are now acting surprised theyre sick again with "allergies". they almost literally died two months.

picture of food cw, peak brasilian cuisine 

family got a bunch of sfiha, one of which is chocolate

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