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my roommate is painting xmas tree ornaments & she’s doing one of RBG as an angel ? w like wings & a halo ? i’m

i got a phone call from an officer who was looking for a "stephanie" so as to ask her if she could donate to counteract the calls to defund the police. the officer assured me that "either one of [ us was ] fine" to speak to. i was offended 1st by the implication that i'm a heterosexual & 2nd by the implication that i don't actively seek the eradication of the police

i need more jewish friends to talk to. DM me if you want a weirdo with whom to text

i keep having this moment w/ goyim where they “don’t want to assume [ i’m ] jewish” bc my kippah “could be a fashion thing.” like. excuse me ? that’s not a thing, pal ... the only goyim with a hard-on for jewish culture are messianics & it’s a bad look for them

chr*stm*s is trying my patience this year in ways i didn’t previously think were possible


my roommates are drinking aaand it's probably safer for me away from them for a little while

what if. i changed directions completely & started working with refugees

sometimes i feel the problem so much in my body i think i can really choke it to death with my hands. what a vision. instead i have a master's degree in social work & time to figure out my best angle

my housemates are hosting a 3rd today. good for them. i've already HAD covid & i'm not so horny

personal, impersonal, disaster 

my partner's sister is disabled ex military. she is married to a service member. he was just sentenced to 7 years in prison for sexual assault. she insists that he's innocent & the accusing party was "just" seeking a transfer. she's my friend on FB. i think she's 100% codependent & self-hating bc i know fm personal interactions that she is a survivor of sexual assault. she's fucking delusional. & so alone. it's sad


i'm too jewish to be vindictive. i could never torture.

g-d created us to love. that's it. if you're not loving you are missing the point

what kind of clown thinks i'm differentiating between the word 'pansexual' & the identity 'pansexual' ... the nerve. why don't you sit down & take a 'stop shitting on bisexual & trans people' pill


i probably won’t be buried next to my partner. this hurts my heart enough to make me cry, but i know that souls are the important thing. i’ll know where he is when we’re together again

i might just look for work in a nonprofit. i get so burned up about how people are treated in & after incarceration. or just the whole issue of homelessness. there's plenty i can do besides private practice therapy

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