image : selfie, ec 

my payot are real cute today ... but they’re never even

image : meme, sensitive content 

ladies, theydies, & gentlemen ... idaho’s lieutenant governor protesting coronavirus restrictions with a gun & a bible ( jesus take the wheel ? )

image: screenshot, rural hijinks 

so. i live in a pretty rural state ...

selfie, pouting 

why come only one of my payot cooperates at a time ...

kippah concept 

this is what i'm talking about. except probably white logo on black kippah

i have a lot of chores & errands today, but tonight i can reward myself & wind down by finishing my voter registration reminder postcards for the RAC


this is how we take the baddies out in idaho, evidently

topless selfie, EC 

all decked out for the pride that wasn't

images: fabric face mask, selfie, ec 

i wish i could figure out the tension settings on my sewing machine. this took ages 🙃😷🍀

image : tzitzit 

i never showed you. this is what i tied the other day. they're not perfect but i did follow the instructions to the letter

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