the crossfire bickering fm people who don't know or care their mic is on in this shabbat zoom conference is AMAZING

the art gallery in my museum in new leaf is practically empty while my other 3 wings are nearly full bc i am a Snob

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i want a kanken bag but i absolutely don't want to give off vibes that i'm under the impression that i'm a free-spirited 17-19 y/o art student w/ a popular instagram acct. i'm almost 30, i'm a fully self-aware train wreck, i just think they're neat

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the friend we're sheltering has taken over the kitchen. she insists on cooking for everyone around at least one meal a day. she's an angel & our house smells like heaven

quarantine is as good a time as any to tell someone you love them 🤷

i haven’t done much today, but it’s been good. i’ve fed my family. checked all the baby animals. planted some beets. hoed some fresh beds

SARS-CoV-2 is antisemitic. this was the year my synagogue was bringing back our historic local jewish food festival, & now all the plans are straight out canceled.

i shut the dog out of my room out of spite & got the best sleep i've had in a week. still woke up 2 hours before my alarm & played animal crossing to pass the time, caught several sharks

i need to trim my beard. just because we're sheltering in place doesn't mean i don't wanna look cute

today it's my great privilege to be the "Patient Trans Person, AMA" for some college babies who are frustrated abt being called transphobic by peers. thankfully i'm trained as a therapist so i can suss out some of the bullshit

can anyone coach me on good resources for tying tzitzit ? i wanted to do this with my rabbi but all face-to-face interactions are off. i might email him but i'm still nervous

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i might dig out my 3DS to play new leaf & pretend i'm keeping up with the cool kids

it’s bad here. they’re watching frozen 2 downstairs

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