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weirdness levels are 79% and falling

(79%) ■■■■■■■□□□

i’m trying to learn to read new prayers from the liturgy, it helps a lot that i already know how to sing them ... not so good w/ totally unfamiliar hebrew 😰

my middle aged jewmate says 20-30 somethings are off the chain & too much & he’s RIGHT

image, irony ? 


frankly undercuts encourage the resurgence of toupees & maybe that’s okay

somebody please stop me from window shopping for judaica

i should confess right now i bought 2 star trek insignia badges to make into tallit clips, just so i’m ready

inviting steady hookups to thanksgiving dinner is gay culture

sometimes i feel down so i perk up w/ a lil manicure

i relate to kramer in that i too would be a communist mall santa for the right pay

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ww2 films, nazi themes 


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FELLAS is it gay to suffer? You're basically sustaining a loss, setback, or decline in effectiveness 🤔

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This is one of my favorite contemporary artists who's work focuses on pre-colonized mesoamerica, traditions and spirituality, theyre having a sale rn:

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