i guess i’m going to iowa to knock on doors for bernie ?

Cop: I pulled you over for going 68 in a 55.

Me: Damn, 68? Officer, can you make that number just a little higher so I can hear the judge read it out loud?

Cop: Sure, whatever.

*Later in traffic court...*

Judge: How the fuck were you going 420 in a 55?

i talked openly abt american leftism & its failures in shul today. felt good

i’ve started sharing my hebrew name, to the people who ask

personal, finance 

personal, finance 

the snow has melted. the chickens are FORAGING ... ( don't worry, i fed them plenty, oyster shell & all, they even got dead bugs )

i haven't put my menorah away & i'm glad bc a great big brown moth perched on it this morning, i got to spend a moment regarding it before i opened my window & shoo'd it away somewhere it might thrive. it might also be eaten by a bird but at least it won't slowly starve to death


my jewmate just said i look like a red-head yeshiva boy in knee high socks & i am most pleased


i saw my favorite co-op checker today & it had been so long he told me TWO jokes instead of just one, he said so himself it was to make up for lost time. excellent dad humor, much appreciated

babs having the hots for vandergelder in Hello Dolly totally ruptures my suspension of disbelief :-/ i don’t buy it, heteros

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there's 2 cute electricians doing some work at my house & one of them has very sleepy eyes. not in like an orientalist or anti-semitic sense, he looks exhausted. i'd invite him to my bed but only for a quick nap

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