“women know what men want, men know what men want; what do we want ? we want women” — sorry jerry but your analysis could use some nuance

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fuck fibromyalgia i’m takin a bubble bath at 4 in the afternoon

how do you discuss or refer to White people & Whiteness if you are a deliberate “race traitor”

as far as my occupation goes i am FUBAR for the day but WHAT should i put my mind & tiger-balmed body toward in the mean-time

the amount of tiger balm i use to cope w/ fibro this time of year amounts to localized chemical warfare

i have the power of g-d & my grandmother’s favorite socks on my side

IMPORTANT NEWS : my bedroom mezuzah is perfect kissin’ height

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fully 100% of my home’s inhabitants are naked at the moment 😌 feels nice

i have to remember sometimes that if i really want a sword all i have to do is pick one & budget for it

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i’ll watch any star trek on anything ( even enterprise, but you’re on thin FUCKIN ice pal ), but older shit really feels better on a CRT teevee 🤷‍♀️🖖


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