halakhicly, the walls of a house expand vertically out into space forever without limit. the rabbis do not address how the potential existence of alien civilizations might thus complicate earthly shabbos boundaries, which is why i am proposing the field of xenohalakha, #DafYomi #Eiruvin92

Not explicitly referring to American politics, but we all know what this is about 

This Tumblr post wasn’t written for mastodon, but it’s sure as hell relevant.

resh lakish: *died of a broken heart after having a relationship ending fight with rabbi yochanan*

rabbi yochanan: *died of a broken heart
when he found out that resh lakish had died and he'd never be able to apologise for what he had said*

historians: these two were just two very close straight friends

@NumberOneBug Yeah... and we missed it this year. I really wanted to dance with the Torah, too...

Also a sefer is made out of individual panels that are sewn together so if you make a mistake inscribing one panel you just gotta start that panel over, not the entire scroll. You can also make a sefer by dismantling other, damaged seferim and stitching the undamaged panels together. Most seferim are actually recycled like this.

Bill DeBlasio should be forced to live in NYCHA housing.

The Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (which you can read about and download for free here:
brailleinstitute.org/freefont) is so cool!

Legibility is more art than science: what's more legible for one person will be The Worst for someone else, and that's especially true for visually impaired people. But this font looks amazing to me, it just pops out of the screen and is drastically easier to read than my old favorites.

Take a moment to build community. Plug into mutual aid networks. Organize with your neighbors to build something up. The struggle isn't just about the conflict.

Take a break.


celebrated. take a break, go out for brunch once or twice.

jumping straight back into the fight will burn you out, take a few days or weeks to rest and bask in a victory no matter how flawed it is

pol, tiny bit more 

The rage and anger of white men in America isn't evaporating into the air.
The sheer drive to burn everything around them is still there.

The thing that I've noticed in a decade of organizing is that the thing that sustains people is allowing themselves to pause and appreciate things like when white supremacists lose elections. It doesn't mean the struggle is over. It doesn't mean the underlying roots are gone. We still have a lot to fight.
But we need pauses. That's all

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You know in video games where there's a story branch and there's a different boss you gotta fight depending on which path you go down and you pick the boss that is less dangerous but still threatening? That, but real life.

that's how i know it's time to rotate my genders so they wear evenly

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the idea that you just like. magically feel what gender you are in your head and the choices you make about ur transition are all to bring you closer to that is, while probably helpful to a few trans people, largely inaccurate and just makes the transition process harder for everyone

Throw away the idea that good people don't have racist and antisemitic preconceptions. Saying "I'm not racist!" is a little like saying "I don't have air in my lungs." Racism is in the air we breathe. The morality doesn't come into whether we were indoctrinated with racist ideas or not, because we are and it's not a matter of choice. The morality is in how we deal with our indoctrination. Do we deny it and double down to become complicit, or face it and dismantle it?

We live with racist ideas and we will die with them. But we can try to do better instead of clinging to the idea that we are Good People who do not need to learn or change. That's just bullshit.

I literally have no idea what 🙃 means but it conveys a very specific mood and I know exactly when to use it it's like an intuitive part of the human experience despite being entirely nonsensical

tip for transfems 

apparently saying "oh i just have a hormone imbalance, that's what makes my voice deep" ACTUALLY WORKS

literally NO ONE will question it

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