The most heroic psyop in human history was when a handful of Jewish composers in the 1940's got sick of being bombarded by songs about Jesus every time they tried to leave their homes in December so they wrote a bunch of schlock about snow and glowing wildlife and miraculously it worked.

It's still annoying but...

xmas, jewishness 

@gendertreyf hypothesis: Rudolph is secretly Jewish. Who else is willing to work that hard on Xmas, especially for goyim who treated them like shit the rest of the year?

xmas, jewishness 

@maidofclay I'm SCREAMING 😂

One should also note that the other reindeer are _obsessed_ with his nose.

xmas, jewishness 

@gendertreyf name-calling, mockery, exclusion from social events... sounds pretty Jewish to me

@ipslfn Yup!

Irving Berlin and Johnny Marks are responsible for like... half of it. Of course Jews weren't the only people in on it at the time. There were a number of more secular Christians and one Unitarian Universalist (Noel Regney).

@ipslfn It's not surprising that Irving Berlin released a time of Christmas carols. The guy was one of the most prolific jazz composers of the time.

Johnny Marks, on the other hand... He pretty much only wrote Christmas carols but he wrote a heck of a lot of them!

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