On not talking to Nazis 

I can't believe I need to say this but do not ever allow yourself to be interviewed by fascist instigators at demonstrations. No, you can't 'own' them. It doesn't matter how informed you think you are. They control the editing process and they can _and will_ make an ass of you.

If you do manage to give a flawless interview with absolutely nothing they can exploit in it? It won't see the light of day.

You can't win so please, stop playing their game!


On not talking to Nazis 

I don't know if they still have it but Fox News used to have a regular segment where they showed clips of leftist activists being interviewed on the street and every single time they made the activists look like assholes.

... because they got to choose the clips their audience got to see.

All they needed were for people to make one mistake in what they said and that is the five second sound bite that would make it on air.

Evey time.

On not talking to Nazis 

I'm bringing this up here because I keep seeing it happen on the streets over and over and over again and I can't do anything about it. I guess I'm venting?

Listen, you wanna do something about the fash reporter? You want to really 'show him?' Okay, here's what you do:

Take a sign or a flag or an umbrella and you hold it right in front of their camera lens and you do not stop. You keep harassing them and preventing them from filming until they go home.


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On not talking to Nazis 


Some fun things the dutch leftists did to fashy media Pownews:
- steal the foam caps on the microphones. But like... every damn one. They couldn't be at a leftist demo for 2 minutes without that cap being stolen
- constantly lensflare them by following them around with a pocket mirror and aiming sunlight into the camera
- follow them around with very loud sirens
- make sure their camera van/car didn't work when they got back to it

On not talking to Nazis 


"... because they got to choose the clips their audience got to see."

Well put! Applies to all media but especially to propaganda. Giving Nazis and others on the far right anything is a waste of time.

Also, if more people understood this about media in general I think humanity as a whole would be in a lot better shape today.

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