@derpayatz I feel like they're less 'everywhere' as they are 'specifically and deliberately inserting themselves into Jewish spaces in order to prey on us' so it just seems like there's an awful lot of them.

@gendertreyf @derpayatz It'll be this: false inflation of their numbers by simply showing up everywhere anyone who objects to Messianics are at to argue with them. That way, there's no escaping them, so they start to feel like a majority. The alt-right uses the same tactics all the time.


@Pyretta @derpayatz This is honestly something that we need to really start to understand as a community. I feel like a lot of Jewish spaces have resorted to just making Messianics feel deeply unwelcome but they're literally missionaries who expect to be treated with hostility so that's almost encouraging them.

We need to start physically ejecting them like we would if we found out someone was a fascist.

@gendertreyf @derpayatz Well, i say this as a gentile observing from the outside: they're using the same tactics as other various forms of fascists (TERFs, nazis, gabbers, channers, neolibertarians, ancaps, etc. . . the various flavours of shite) to make themselves look bigger and meaner and more dangerous. Make of that what you will.

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