So... Female CPR manikins are literally impossible to source. How the fuck are you supposed to let people practice chest compressions on women's bodies without anatomically appropriate dummies?!

What the fuck. My life matters, too!

Indecently there's an open source dummy cover that can help but it's not for sale anywhere that I can find so you gotta sew it yourself:

@gendertreyf aren't all CPR manikins literally based off a body once found called Anne? And isn't that why they're called Resusci Anne? And the one I trained on sure as Hell had tits. And as far as I know the base of the rib cage is the same on all genders. And tits fall to the side when a person is on their back so shouldn't impact the ability to find the point for compressions.


@RaeYcrep oh you're right. I forgot she exists. She's also very expensive, which keeps her out of the hands of a lot of training programs.

Anyway, it matters because man seen to have a huge problem with appropriate contact with breasts in an emergency. Women are much less likely than men to receive bystander CPR and we die as a result.

@gendertreyf Have to say that's not a concern I have seen or heard of before. But I respect that there could be certain cultures out there (that I have not been part of) that would be reluctant to get so "hands on" with someone with breasts in that situation.

@RaeYcrep Anyway, this post brought to you by lingering frustration from how men treated my body during a first aid training course.

@gendertreyf Ok, yuk? One course I was on was for adventure guides and stuff, and mountain rescue and no one cared what you packed. Bish bash bosh and the demo was done. I then did a corporate first aid course and it was the complete opposite. I'm someone who is likely to laugh at something like that and I am annoyed that it made you uncomfortable. It's saving a life, or making someone comfortable; it's the definition of a sensitive (and INCLUSIVE) situation!

Medical examinations 

@gendertreyf Ah sorry, no I probably didn't explain myself very well. When I trained with medical professionals there was no worry or concern about doing the examinations. But when I had to do First Aid for an office I *did* have the experience of seeing the nervousness towards completing the tasks on me/other female colleagues.

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