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NOTICE: The only reason why my blog is locked is to protect myself against archive bots and stalkers. I welcome follow requests from people that I do not yet know.

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So... I had to move to a new instance on account that my old one has been broken for several days with no sign of our admin. To be honest, I've been wanting to join a Jewish instance for a while now but inertia kept me where I was.

No choice now.

Other than being irredeemably Jewish I'm also nauseatingly queer, butch, and trans. I am a volunteer street medic and a photographer.

"leftists" who aren't anti-racist are just supremacists who want to distribute the spoils of imperialism and colonialism more evenly amongst themselves

Nazis are not subhuman. Make no mistake. They are every bit as human as you or I. This is why they must be destroyed. Because they have just as much ability as you or I to not be nazis. They hold that capability, but instead they rationalize, justify and choose to be one every single day. They aren't less human than any of us. That is why they are so disgusting.

An obnoxious thing about mental illness is that it is inextricable from society, and the Mad person's position in society, and it is rarely understood that way. How much of my mental health problems are being a Jew, and feeling threatened by antisemitism? How much is being a man, and having my maladaptive behaviors unchecked for longer into my childhood because of Patriarchy?

Given how much white supremacist and classist bullshit is behind the notion of 'ancient greece and rome as the birthplace of civilisation'

We should probably question our own urge to form all our new words from 'the correct' latin and greece language roots.

Plus, it's not great if the language we use for our marginalized experiences is more accessible to academia than to the people it is about?

I guess I'm thinking here of the intersection between racial anxieties of our society and clinical anxieties of the mentally ill, and how the former is absorbed into the latter, and how the latter is used to weaponize and galvanize the former.

I use they/them pronouns so if you want to use my pronouns in a grammatically correct way then you need to use the possessive form of the pronoun. It's the law.

All that I survey is mine 😾

The next time some creep spouts off about how "they" isn't a singular pronoun just follow them around for five minutes until they use "they're" to refer to a specific individual and blast them with an air horn.

I think, like daily, about the first time I broke the cycle of someone telling me a dudebro of mine was a complete shithead and me responding "oh that sucks, weird, he's never been that way in front of me". For a long time I would start really watching the dudebro closely and trying to figure out what I missed, but under the assumption there was nothing that could escape my empirical observations. Then I decided for myself.

Until in HS when a friend said something close to "he'd never do it around you though, he knows we're friends and wants you to side against me." And I kinda started putting it together.

I mean, it's still hard to catch myself trusting someone and finding out they suck when they're outside of my experience, but that was the start of my seeing the dynamic fully. I think the "end" was after college when I saw a friend-dude go mask-off misogynist at a woman he didn't know I was dating.

"Ladies and gentlemen":
-reinforces the gender binary
-makes you sound like a bougie
-cliched as fuck, no dramatic tension

"Friends and enemies":
-Inclusive and gender-neutral
-makes you sound like a supervillain
-dramatic tension: who are the friends and who are the enemies?

prisons, politics 

This is one of the reasons why I often get so frustrated with Judaism. So often I find myself studying Talmud on a subject that is painful and the text is twisted into knots and then you take a step back and realize how dangerous it might have been to follow the simple logic...

Colonizers love books because books don't get to choose who reads them. Written culture is accessible and such intimate access can leave a people incredibly vulnerable to persecution.

If a culture is forced to turn to writing because their ability to rely on oral tradition is threatened then, for safety, they must downplay or censor the parts of their culture most threatening to the colonists in the very things meant to transmit the culture to the next generation.


a related analogy I've also found useful: bigots and the like need to be banned for the same reason that you can't be a creationist in an upper level biology class. at some point the conversation is being held back because while the class is attempting to discuss molecular genetics, some clown in the back row keeps holding up the class with questions about how come there's still monkeys if we evolved from monkeys

one of the weirdest things about being autistic is how hard you've gotta focus to look Presentable in the allistic'am it's taking all my spoons to look even marginally put-together please have some respect

It is quite likely that we have not reached the end of queer language evolution and future generations will have completely different words and theoretical frameworks for their gender and sexuality.

Make your peace with that now so you do not become the grumpy elder. Everything changes. This is not better or worse, it just is.

But also don't let the kids of the future tell you that you can't use the words you grew up with. If words feel like home to you, you can use them your whole life.

You got your hay penny and your wheat penny and your meat penny (buffalo penny)!

everyone's like "bernie 2020" as if they're just going to give up on bernie 2016

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