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It takes a lot more courage to hold your friends accountable than it does to punch a Nazi.

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NOTICE: The only reason why my blog is locked is to protect myself against archive bots and stalkers. I welcome follow requests from people that I do not yet know.

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I went through an entire rattle can prepping a box of mason jars for use in hydroponics. I did a bang up job of it, too, even though my partners think I did a pretty good job. I'm just not used to the high paint flow in a rattle can so I got a bit of pooling.

I hope the paint doesn't rub off. In any case I'm going to treat the paint job as highly fragile.

... but on the plus side I'm going to be rolling in leafy greens in a few weeks!

... and the Wicked Child says "what does this mean to games journalism?"

A gender non-binary person at shul clipping through the mechitza like they're some kinda graphics error. Just sitting there flickering back and forth, giving the gabbai a headache...

How come I can't catch as many fish as I want but I can buy as many fish as I want from the store?

@jessmahler note that Ashkenazi and European aren't synoyms

Sephardi Jews are also a historically European community, as are Italkim and Romaniote Jews, and they are all also having the norms of Israeli "Ashkenazi" Judaism pushed on them

meanwhile, real Ashkenazi culture in Israel continues to be hated and suppressed by the mainstream, as it has been from the very beginning. an early manifestation of this was mass protests over a showing of a movie "di yidishe mame", which ended up cancelled

"If God doesn't exist, that's God's problem."

I say this fellow Jews, they go "yup.", regardless of whether they personally believe or not.

I say it to Christians they say it's a self contradictory statement that no one could possible understand.

And this is reason #497 why biblical literalism is bad.

don't breathe on Wikipedia's "Jewish diaspora" article without consulting a lawyer who specializes in Wikipedia policy, since the Jewish diaspora apparently is "Arab-Israeli conflicted-related"


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you've done fuck all because the commons have been expropriated by the capitalist class.

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If I see one more white motherfucker describe some piece of Judaica as "bohemian" I'm going to cut out their tongue.

It will always be possible to imagine a person who might slip through the cracks of any proposed system. Unfortunately this has always been used to shut down discussion on the violence of psychiatry and what to do about disarming the institution. The fact that someone might slip through the cracks isn't an excuse to ignore the ongoing and real harm that the institution is causing real people right now, today.

Close the psych wards.


Anxieties over the fact that someone might think I'm a Messianic because I have Catholic music recs because I'm a huge music nerd 😓

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