A Different Hot Techno-Halachic 

Hot Techno-Halachic Take: 

Anyone up for a slow and stone-faced hopeful klezmer tune in these trying times?

Di Tsunkuft / די צונקופט / The Future

Poem by Morris Winchevsky (1856-1932)
English by Adah Hetko
Arrangement by Burikes: Adah Hetko, Ariel Shapiro, Clarissa Lyons, Matthew Thornton, Rachel Leader, Sadie Gold-Shapiro


Tuesday they did a half-hour concert, Wednesday and Thursday was a two-part, hour-each lecture "Yiddish Theater: Past, Present and Future", ...

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Oh dang National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene is doing, like, daily livestreams of stuff.


(... maybe wanna do a regular singing zmiros online if it can be worked ...)

(... maybe wanna do a regular singing zmiros online if it can be worked ...)

choice discourse 

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alt-right, homophobia, antisemitism 

... no wait I had already though about what I wanted for that part:

"... איך וועל מיין גיהנום // בעסער פון ישוס הימל ..."

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Hypothetical anarchism 

a different hot Lo Bashamayim Hi take 

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hot Lo Bashamayim Hi exegesis take 

@kittybecca i forget often that not everyone thinks of "now" as "after galus, before geulah"

"... איך וועל מיין גיהנום // בעסער פון פורגאטורי ..."

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Life Update: I'm not 100% convinced "rumple" ISN'T the diminutive of "rump".

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Hagbah is a defensive display meant to communicate "look how big my book is" to other, potentially dangerous religions.

I will make evolutionary theology a thing or so help me G-d.

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