alt-right, homophobia, antisemitism 

... no wait I had already though about what I wanted for that part:

"... איך וועל מיין גיהנום // בעסער פון ישוס הימל ..."

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Hypothetical anarchism 

a different hot Lo Bashamayim Hi take 

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hot Lo Bashamayim Hi exegesis take 

@kittybecca i forget often that not everyone thinks of "now" as "after galus, before geulah"

"... איך וועל מיין גיהנום // בעסער פון פורגאטורי ..."

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Life Update: I'm not 100% convinced "rumple" ISN'T the diminutive of "rump".

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Hagbah is a defensive display meant to communicate "look how big my book is" to other, potentially dangerous religions.

I will make evolutionary theology a thing or so help me G-d.

(... I do prolly want to find/make some shiny gifs and stuff to just slap at things to point out they're an example of Supersessionism. That would be useful.,)

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*Let's Talk About Stuff voice*
"and baby that's SUPERSESSIONISM! WHOO!!"

and there was Christmas music playing song after song,
so I turned to one of the slightly-higher-up-but-still-friendly people who had helped set up, and was like
"the only question is,
is the playlist ALL Christmas songs,
or is it all-Christmas-songs-except-the-one-Hanukkah-song-because-we-felt-guity?"

... and a half-hour-slash-13-songs later, "Hanukkah In Santa Monica" comes on and I turn to her and just whoop "and THERE it is!"

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My greatest moment of this Generic Winter Holiday™ season was there was a Christmas-but-the-serial-numbers-were-half-filed-off event -- a gift swap, making cards, etc. (also a trivia game) --

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