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Going back to work in two weeks or a month... Not excited bc I don't like to work

ISO Yiddish proofreaders who are willing to speculate on a project of reprinting Yiddish books.

I am willing to help fundraise to support the work as well

"Antifascist traditions that have also roots in our history of partisan resistance continue here today."

Italian internationalist on the meaning of April 25 (day of liberation in Italy) and today's anti-fascism.

Help a disabled, black, trans woman with a SSI income survive this pandemic please:

Admin announcement 

Their admin reacted to our concerns with a literal shrug emoji so I don’t think the decision will be reversed.

We will defederate from them on Monday at 20:00 CEST.

If you want a new account, feel free to join us on We will never voluntarily federate with fascists.

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Admin announcement 

We’re going to defederate from if they do not re-ban gab in the next week or so.

Please inform any mutuals you want to stay in contact with but we can’t make exceptions.

If someone who doesn't know you wouldn't be able to tell you meant it as satire, consider not posting it publically then.


Hey I just want to share this - it's the most beautiful thing I've seen this month. It's the Australian Jewish Labour Bund's commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising yesterday. For people who don't know, the collective yorzayt (commemoration of death) for the people who died in the Uprising is April 19th, the first day of Passover 1943 and the day the Uprising began.


Starting during the war and until today, April 19th is a day known by Holocaust survivors and the partisans and resisters who were in Jewish armed resistance movements as khurbntog (Holocaust Day or Catastrophe Day) because of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Israel created Yom Hashoah for its own purposes but people around the world continue to observe and commemorate khurbntog.

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uspol, covid19, callous disregard for life 

too many politicians in my country: we have to relax the social distancing even though deaths are rising! think of the economy!!

my brain: anti-flag's "the economy is suffering, let it die" on loop mixed with intermittent wordless screaming

uspol, covid19, celebrity doctors, callous disregard for life 

dr phil literally actually said that the u.s. economy should reopen, despite the many more deaths it would cause, to "prevent anxiety and depression" from social distancing

does he realize that anxiety from isolation is preferable to (and more treatable than) anxiety from thinking you might die or cause a more vulnerable person's death

does he realize that he effectively said "more people should die, or the money will be sad"

One of the most amazing things about this crowdfund, to me, is the ratio of donors to recipients.

About 110 people have requested funds, so it's almost one to one. For just about every person who needs help, someone else has stood up to be the one to offer that help.

We're almost to $16k. Let's take it there!! DONATE:

if you are in need of financial help and want to receive part of these funds, here's a private two-question form:


how bad does the democratic nominee have to be before democrats stop supporting them


The existence of Ben Shapiro very accessibly explodes the notions that if you can find a Jew who agrees with your bullshit then it's not antisemitic

Antisemitism, Covid 

Incidentally, 2nd to last is not antisemitic, it clearly originates within the Ashkenazi Jewish community

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Antisemitism, Covid 

'A search on Twitter for the words “Jewish” and “coronavirus” from March 20th to April 3rd 2020 revealed the existence of ten different types of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have been associating the COVID19 with the Jewish community.'

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