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uspol, covid19, celebrity doctors, callous disregard for life 

dr phil literally actually said that the u.s. economy should reopen, despite the many more deaths it would cause, to "prevent anxiety and depression" from social distancing

does he realize that anxiety from isolation is preferable to (and more treatable than) anxiety from thinking you might die or cause a more vulnerable person's death

does he realize that he effectively said "more people should die, or the money will be sad"

One of the most amazing things about this crowdfund, to me, is the ratio of donors to recipients.

About 110 people have requested funds, so it's almost one to one. For just about every person who needs help, someone else has stood up to be the one to offer that help.

We're almost to $16k. Let's take it there!! DONATE:

if you are in need of financial help and want to receive part of these funds, here's a private two-question form:


how bad does the democratic nominee have to be before democrats stop supporting them


The existence of Ben Shapiro very accessibly explodes the notions that if you can find a Jew who agrees with your bullshit then it's not antisemitic

Antisemitism, Covid 

Incidentally, 2nd to last is not antisemitic, it clearly originates within the Ashkenazi Jewish community

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Antisemitism, Covid 

'A search on Twitter for the words “Jewish” and “coronavirus” from March 20th to April 3rd 2020 revealed the existence of ten different types of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have been associating the COVID19 with the Jewish community.'

thinking about how broadly and literally applicable these halakhot of oil lamps were for generations and generations across more than a thousand years right up until the widespread adoption of electricity. the practical can become esoteric on a dime #DafYomi #Shabbat44


If you value your safety and wish to keep this place a safe spot for anyone to talk, please block or defederate

The mentioned instance is mainly Italian-speaking, but considered its code of conduct follows a very shady definition of "free speech", it nurtures xenophobic, anti-semitic contents (e.g. Kalergi Plan). It doesn't act any censorship, much like with Gab and other "free speech" instances, therefore giving free reign on harassment and targeted mobbing.

People actively speaking and currently joining the instance have widely been reported of promoting homophobic, anti-choice, far-right, conservative, and pseudoscientific content.

Full thread by @ilcronomaestro and @Ca_Gi (thanks, thanks, thanks) here:


steamed hams but it's the russian revolution 



Block me if you think Stalin was a cool dude.

The thing is I get why white people are afraid. We're all kinda scared right now.

But as per white people they always react in such a way that exacerbates their situation and doubly so for marginalized groups.

The white American vote has consistently voted against all of the public services we need right now for at least the last 6 decades.

45 is just the latest example. Drugs are absolutely demolishing young white people, but they elect a dude that wants to get rid of the ACA.

Because white

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I don't even have anything clever to say other than "holy fuck" and "the jews are tired(tm)"

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North American Jewry hot take 

I feel strongly that a Jewish community that doesn't have both a strong identification with our history and a capacity for self reflection and criticism is not sustainable; and it seems that Jewish communities in North America tend to have one or the other, but not both. It worries me very much.

היינט איז געווען אַ שווערער, און בין איך גרייט פֿאַר שבת. גוט שבת, חברימלעך!

So I learned that there are some narrow circumstances under law where a person filing for bankruptcy CAN discharge federal student loans. It's not easy, and you basically have to be completely indigent, but that actually covers my situation pretty well, so good to know if worse comes to worse then I may be able to discharge at least some of my SIX FIGURE STUDENT LOAN DEBT just received a big old update, each song has its own page, scores and lyrics, as well as basic metadata, can now be viewed in the browser

Now that the kids are being homeschooled with a professional curriculum, turns out I really like working with them

After all, I was a professional math and social emotional skills afterschool teacher for like a month before my most recent mental health crisis made me quit my job

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