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i ran into a friend from shul & he had 2 of his grandbabies w/ him, he says they’ve been making up new lyrics to christmas carols so they can sing along next year at their goyishe schools. example, to the tune of ‘joy to the world’ : “DON’T EAT YOUR POOP, IT TASTES REAL BAD”

Judaism and afterlife 

antisemitism often comes veiled as something else, especially on the left

e.g. a Jew mocks the white genocide conspiracy theory, which directly implicates themselves and is used to target them for violence and harassment. the left-wing antisemite's response ignores the Jewishness of the person and the risk to physical safety that comes with a Jew making jokes about white genocide.

it's possible, and necessary, to hold Sanders' campaign accountable for this without being anti-Sanders

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the whole "libertarian" psychedelic bro culture is at the center of the counterrevolutionary faux-anti-authoritarian crowd and bernie should keep his distance. Much of this crowd ia just misguided and should be brought further left, but endorsing their celebrity propagandists isn't helpful.

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Dortn, vu mir lebn
dort is undzer land

Wherever we live, that's our homeland

A world we are jointly responsible for, free from capitalism, borders and empire

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like, hmm, maybe when everyone lied to me about how big important things like gender and sexuality and the economy and war and peoples' brains worked my whole life, the idea that the truth is something we somehow lost the ability to discern in 2016 because Russia is kinda


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*gasp* the media and people in power could... lie to us? wow i can't imagine what that feels like

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@kittybecca As with so many things, it depends. I don't think the intention of Rambam and the codifiers was ever to replace or do away with Talmudic dialectics. And even tho they write in an apodictic genre, where decisions come down like decrees, there's an argument to be made that they simply meant the codes as a continuation of that dialectic, that Rambam only ever considered the Mishneh Torah just that, a repetition of already established torah, and wanted people to treat it as secondary

any time a rando says “a female” on scruff or grindr i flash through dozens of sound bites of the ferengi sneering those words & whatever attraction i might have been experiencing goes through a perfect lossless conversion to visceral revulsion

Hey all, I have the rule set for Jacob's Ladder and svg of a (very basic) sample board, printable on a large format printer, on GitHub at

Enjoy and please send support if you can at for a recurring donation, or at for tips...

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