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anti-imperialism is when you support small empires instead of the big global chains

Iran, neoconservativism, MSM nonsense 

Iran, neoconservativism, MSM nonsense 

Iran solidarity 

israel is an apartheid state put into power by the U.S. and Britain, and saudi arabia is an oppressive theocratic monarchy put into power by the U.S. and Britain

neither should exist; both only exist because of american imperialism.

You always see reactionaries point to Saudi Arabia as evidence that Islam is "evil." But it's America and Britain who put and keep the House of Saud in power.

How come we stopped calling the capitalist elite "robber barons?" Bring it back!

the uae is another american proxy. singling israel out in this is unquestionably antisemitic

this is straight-up nazi propaganda, no matter who it comes from and no matter how many times they say "i'm an antizionist, not an antisemite"

mentioning israel without mentioning saudi arabia as drivers and benefactors of the wars in iran and iraq strike me as an obvious sign of antisemitic bias

when it gets into the territory of "israel/netanyahu is trying to make americans die for israel without lifting a finger" then the dog whistle couldn't possibly be blown harder

the only person who can stop a bad exploiter of the working class is a good exploiter of the working class

"actually reactionairies are the only leftists who can successfully take power"
"but tha..."
"shut up you naive kiddy leftist"

Undercover police arrest prominent Israeli anti-occupation activist

In December 2018, Local Call reported that far-right group Ad Kan launched a private prosecution attempt against three Israelis, including Pollak, for participating in protests against the West Bank separation barrier. Ad Kan’s private prosecution, the first of its kind against anti-occupation activists, accused the defendants of “attacking IDF soldiers and Border Police officers.”

Dawkins begins the book with his neutral and rational opinion that the Anglican Church is the least bad form of religion


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