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@dankwraith last night the cops came around to my buddy's house asking if we saw someone ~~ILLEGALLY~~ using the community pool. They were in full fucking get up it and we were all extremely high it was bizarre.

i tell you what i have eyeballs and ive never seen a cop save a baby but i sure as hell have seen them harassing and arresting poor people on the subway


I've decided to offer myself up as a voice coach for trans people who need it free/cheap.

No matter what you desire to work towards, you come to me as a friend I would like to help be comfy. Whether that be feminising, masculinising, or a voice made of various different elements :)

We will do exercises, talk about posture, be hydrated, apply it to real life, and I promise to tailor things to meet your needs.

I will do this over discord. DM me if you fancy this.

Boosts appreciated

capitalism, feelings, - 

Holy shit this was the creator of Tor2Web and WikiScanner (the tool that shows when politicians and corporations edit their own Wikipedia page)

Wondering what to get a bookworm as a gift? My friends, I recommend the page anchor!! I got it as a treat for myself a while ago and it finally arrived yesterday and wow oh wow do I love it. It basically is a bookmark that also holds books open and doesn't damage the pages or spine of the book 😱😱

remember when spyware was considered something bad and not just the normal way software operated

South Park and Nazism 

Whoever updated this meme, the scalies and avians of the world are in your debt. She's beautiful!

issues with the resurgent American Jewish left that i think could be liabilities 

issues with the resurgent American Jewish left that i think could be liabilities 

issues with the resurgent American Jewish left that i think could be liabilities 

I grumble when young people bleach their hair like they have gray hairs, I earned mine fair and square, by accumulating suffering

Thank you to those who organized and came out to support the SF fare strike. In total about 100 comrades showed up.
Solidarity with all those fighting for equality in their communities!


are there any straight people on this platform? I have some questions...

Can anyone spare some dollarydoos? I'm trying to pay for a car repair. It's really urgent because I cannot travel around my mountain without one. I'm really screwed and would appreciate any help. I need $2500 at the moment.

Cash app:$cthothlu


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