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i tell you what i have eyeballs and ive never seen a cop save a baby but i sure as hell have seen them harassing and arresting poor people on the subway

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capitalism, feelings, - 

goddamn do people find immense comfort in the just world fallacy

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Holy shit this was the creator of Tor2Web and WikiScanner (the tool that shows when politicians and corporations edit their own Wikipedia page)

Wondering what to get a bookworm as a gift? My friends, I recommend the page anchor!! I got it as a treat for myself a while ago and it finally arrived yesterday and wow oh wow do I love it. It basically is a bookmark that also holds books open and doesn't damage the pages or spine of the book 😱😱

Whoever updated this meme, the scalies and avians of the world are in your debt. She's beautiful!

I grumble when young people bleach their hair like they have gray hairs, I earned mine fair and square, by accumulating suffering

Thank you to those who organized and came out to support the SF fare strike. In total about 100 comrades showed up.
Solidarity with all those fighting for equality in their communities!

are there any straight people on this platform? I have some questions...

Star Trek, alcohol 

I found who Whoopi Goldberg's Star Trek character is named for: a Prohibition-era actress and speakeasy owner

3rd gen genocide feels 

But seriously, I look at most American Jews, and yeah, there's some affinity there. Fine folks, relatives. Certainly the House of Israel will go on.

But my people, the people of Ashkenaz? We survive, for now, in fundamentalist enclaves that have no room for someone like me, a trans, secular atheist. Who are my people? I have to keep running all the time so that I don't stop and think about how utterly alone I am, here in America as I was in Israel.

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3rd gen genocide feels 

I feel lost. Why am I teaching myself and my kids Yiddish?

How few are those of us who really believe as I do, that we must speak our own language at home to survive as a people?

Where is the community? What chance that my grandkids will learn Yiddish as their mother tongue? I don't even have one person locally to speak with...

But without Yiddish and the hope that it can become what it had been, who am I? Nothing, a ghost's ghost. A sterile remnant of a murdered nation.

I’ve been having very strong feelings about my feelings lately and having huge anxiety about the logic and validity of my emotions and it’s like! I need to accept that I’m not a fucking Vulcan. I was born a Big Feelings haver and a Big Feelings haver I will remain

re: food, whiteness, snark 

People need to attack the force of whiteness that reduced their culinary heritage to desserts from the back of a jar of cool whip in the 60s. They could have taught me how to make something awesome like Zserbó szelet, instead they brought some abomination called "snickers salad" to the potluck and want my pecan pie recipe. So I've decided to dispense with excessive politeness and only share recipes with folks who are pretty clearly anti-racist.

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re: food, whiteness 

My friends who are PoC have taught me how to prepare kaju katli, okonomiyaki, and many other things. Many white americans don't ask themselves why they don't have a family-favorite recipe for makowiec but can make several recipes developed by companies specifically to sell more Jello.

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food, whiteness 

Ah yes, the time of year where the descendants of the people who threw away their ethnic heritage in pursuit of whiteness ask me for the recipes of the soul food I bring to potlucks. Meanwhile, the folks in my family who developed soul food suffered specifically because of their family's pursuit of whiteness.

Powerful speeches and solidarity at Plymouth Massachusetts at the 50th National day of mourning. Indigenous leaders shared stories of their continued struggles all around the world. They and their spirits remain not conquered.


Since another white nationalist with the same name is in the news, reminder that the new 14 words are “Nazi Richard Spencer got punched so hard he started crying while talking about Pepe”

It's incredible how much far right shit you find on an image search of OSHA memes

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