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Star Trek, alcohol 

3rd gen genocide feels 

3rd gen genocide feels 

us pol / mayor pete - 

I’ve been having very strong feelings about my feelings lately and having huge anxiety about the logic and validity of my emotions and it’s like! I need to accept that I’m not a fucking Vulcan. I was born a Big Feelings haver and a Big Feelings haver I will remain

re: food, whiteness, snark 

re: food, whiteness 

food, whiteness 

Powerful speeches and solidarity at Plymouth Massachusetts at the 50th National day of mourning. Indigenous leaders shared stories of their continued struggles all around the world. They and their spirits remain not conquered.


It's incredible how much far right shit you find on an image search of OSHA memes

Wanna help out on Thanksgiving Day to an AfroIndigenous person?

Boost and/or donate to my "On the Road to PhD" gofundme


"American Jews can fight white nationalism and the occupation at the same time"

I would even argue one is not possible without the other...

Here is a serious study on Mastodon (PDF) whose conclusions are that the decentralized and federated structure generates an extremely active and vital environment.

Also observe something that Mastodon users have already seen as a possible problem to be corrected: the existence of very large instances risk to affect its functionality and premises.


Qui c'é uno studio serio su Mastodon (in PDF) le cui conclusioni sono che la struttura decentralizzata e federata genera un ambiente estremamente attivo e vitale.

Osserva pure una cosa che gli utenti di Mastodon già hanno visto come un possibile problema da correggere: le istanze troppo grandi rischiano di inficiarne funzionalità e premesse.

Passive aggressive thanks 

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