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dear centrists, it's 2019, almost 2020; it's time to stop making excuses for nazis. your excuses are obviously bullshit; look around you.


couldn't find the hole afterwards, so I figured I didn't need a bandaid

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Well, I did it, I went and stabbed myself with a needle. Easier than expected, no pain, no blood. However now I'm shaking & laughing hysterically

My face is low as I'm shuffled into the court room. The eyes of the gallery burning holes into my skin as cameras preserve every moment for posterity. The air is heavy with contempt, with curiosity. I am lead to the defendant's place and raise my eyes only to look at the judge. I am unsure of my own expression. Is it defiant, humble... Apologetic? The judge only glowers down from his throne. I am silent as the bailiff finishes the formalities. "How does the defendant plead?" the judge demands. I answer, my voice is clear but it is barely more than a whisper: "Enby."

the word "wizard" was originally just a more germanic way of saying "sage"

which means it's entirely appropriate to talk about "the wizards of the talmud"

you're welcome

It's best not to discuss politics at work. If you do, it might lead to class consciousness which might cause people to join a union. That would make your boss sad.

Do you want to make your boss sad?

police murder 

the character assassinations by police of their victims have been even lower quality than usual lately. The cops know they don't have to convince anyone, just give their choir a tune to sing

antisemitism, lol 

@derpayatz the article itself doesn't talk about this, but the data shows that moderates are more antisemitic than left-wing people

this doesn't surprise me but it's good to get some validation

antisemitism, lol 

I just found this website that seems to syndicate news about antisemitism. They publish Ben-Dror Yemini's takes on antisemitism but also a lot of cool and interesting links, such as this article from the Economist on the correlation between criticism of Israel, antisemitism, and location on the left-right ideological spectrum.

I'm looking into . Their steam hasn't been updated in like 3 years but their github is active. What's the story?

pol, antisemitism, tankies, facebook 

tfw you post a slogan in a fb group and get a lecture from some kind of a tankie who happens to be Jewish about financial capital vs industrial capital because merely pushing back against antisemitic conspiracy narratives lacks nuance. And trying very hard to be super polite because they're an admin

Each time someone blames the world's problems on (((International Bankers))) instead of on Capitalism, a Revolutionary star burns out forever.

"These 8 days we remember the time fundamentalists tried to exterminate us rootless cosmopolitans"

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@derpayatz very true. and it's worth noting that the average German thought Jews were being shipped off to Palestine; this was even on a Nazi board game at the time that revolved around rounding Jews up in Berlin.


My fucking God, sitting here knowing a genocide is getting under way and being able to do absolutely nothing about it

rojava, isis

Database link inside.

"Over 40 former ISIS members now working in Afrin as part of Turkish-backed forces have been identified in a new database, published today by Rojava Information Center.

They include commanders, brigade leaders, recruiting officers and co-ordinators working directly with the Turkish intelligence services."


"We do live in a world that was built in no small part by the Nazis. Hitler’s regime convinced large portions of the Jewish community that survival in the diaspora is unviable and that ethnonationalism is the only path to safety."

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