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"tolerance" and the history of antisemitism 

apparently the NYPD announced that effective immediately they were disbanding, and that Trump Tower now belonged to the city's homeless, as did all of the other classist monuments of the city. they said they thought this was better than any form of apology but that if people wanted an apology too, they were sorry. certainly big if true

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all Jews were at Sinai and Ben Shapiro pissed everyone off so much that we sent him on a quest to go find an all-purple cow and he never came back until the 20th century

We have a strong committee and support from the parts of the congregation and rabbinical team.

Hi all, I did end up getting fired from my synagogue—for organizing. But I'm getting my job back, because I've been organizing 😉

I love the underdog
The grey sky
The snow drift
The hot night
The reasons why
You sing like you sing
And I don't believe in G-d the way you do
It's the voice of the oppressed, marginalized, and distressed
Bringing beauty to an ugly, dying ,fossil fuel parched, capitalist infested world
That tells me
The spark of G-d in us worthless humans is real
I hear it
When you sing, cry, bleed, and die.

Moishe Beregovsky, the prominent Soviet-Jewish ethnomusicologist, wrote that no folk music exists in a vacuum representing some sort of essential "folk soul." Rather, folk music is constantly evolving in response to the people's material conditions and cross-pollination with neighboring traditions.

In this video Daniel Kahn is listening to Midwestern Irish radical troubadour Emmett Doyle sing his newest satire of business unions, "Bread and Butter."

YouTube link:

on a public policy level nazism isn't really up for debate because it's here and once it has the power it has, there is no debating it; there is only defeating it

so, debating nazis instead of fighting them is just allowing them to stall while they continue their genocidal actions

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Just about a month or two ago I found photos of a protest we did in Haifa, must have been 14 or 15 years ago

omg I just found out through Facebook that the Israeli labor organizer I am talking to about intl solidarity is married and has a kid with an old comrade of mine from back in the Old Country, holy fuck somehow this is hitting me really intensely rn

4. Don't be a troll. Don't comment here if your goal is get a rise out of people, gaslight them, sealion, and so forth, rather than to have a conversation. (4/4)

What do you all think?

3. Don't talk like a muzhik. Muzhik in Russian, in this context, roughly means "toxic man." In other words, if the best you can do to advocate for your position is that your opponent sucks dicks, just... Just shut up and go away. In fact, you won't have another choice because I will ban you. I have plenty of wonderful people to interact with on the Internet, I don't need this nonsense. Swearing and some hyperbole is ok, though, if it's used as an intensity modifier for actual ideas.(3/4)

2. Don't tell me I'm not Jewish. In fact, don't tell anybody who's Jewish, that they're not Jewish. If they say they're Jewish and don't believe in Jesus, they're Jewish. You'll be banned without discussion if you cross this line. (2/4)

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