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memorial day lol 

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Not misgendering, just weird 

@krenwix we had to ask an angry Jews For Jesus lady to leave our shul a few weeks ago, last week we found out a nearby church was hosting JFJ to explain Jesus' part in the Passover tradition. We reached out to the pastor, the reply wasn't that she didn't understand our concerns, but didn't care. This is the Southern Tier of New York state.

My dad called me about a month ago to say that he saw a church with signs for a community seder.
The main course was pork chops. You just know these people love the term Judeo-Christian.

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As part of my attempt to reconnect the threads of my adolescence and adulthood, I've written some awful kitschy quatrains in the Romantic style, the likes of which I hadn't done since high school. Obviously such things ought not be put in the public eye—they are pretty horrifying. But here's one that came out a little more interesting:

In four short lines of clumsy formal rhyme,
that scan according to an ancient scheme,
arrogant and keen, I have assigned
and turned you from a person to a dream.

Oh wow it's such a beautiful spring day

I almost wish I wasn't an atheist so I could thank God for it lmao

maybe the real game of thrones was the friends we made along the way

The dissonance of living in a time when a friend just shared a new niggn she wrote, then finding out a few minutes later that someone tried to burn down my neighborhood modern orthodox shul last night

in the 80s and 90s there were so few computer users that the NSA's entire internet monitoring staff consisted of only one person, named General Failure. microsoft, back before they sold out, developed the technology to inform you whenever he was reading your hard drive, then crash your system so he couldn't read it anymore

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