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:cowskel: :drake_dislike: embracing cowboys to romanticize settler colonialism by way of aesthetics

🤠 :drake_like: embracing cowboys to subvert and queer traditional standards of masculinity

:cowboy_blush: :comrade: standing in solidarity with cowboys as they were in history: usually not white, economically coerced into managing vast swathes of stolen american land at the behest of the wealthy, beholden to cycles of boom and bust labor that often left entire communities abandoned and hungry

Oh, that was no analogy. That's literally what happens.

Being completely without chlorophyll, an albino tree can't photosynthesise and therefore can't produce sugars. Most of a plant's living structures are made from sugars – mostly cellulose and lignin.

The large trees in a forest produce more than they need. They share it through their roots in a process called rhizodeposition. Fungi in the soil pick up those sugars, take what they need, and share the rest with other trees. That way, there will always be healthy trees providing more sugars.

Meanwhile, the fungi break down decaying matter and harvest nitrogen from the soil, again passing on any excess to the trees.

Everything nurtures everything else. By helping other organisms to survive, they ensure that there will always be someone helping their own survival too.

I sat at a table
it was a hip little joint:
low lights, cats in the corner
playing jazz, messengers
from a different decade.

I sat at the table,
with my gin and tonic,
no ice, just a dash of lime;
while the trumpet crooned…

I sat at this table
and hoped
would sit there
with me.

the rest at: jl-feinstein.jews.internationa

general pol discourse 

The math people at my school have all taken to introducing themselves like “I’m _____ and I use the she series” (or they series or whatever) which I think is cute.

Dust motes dancing
Sparkling in a ray of light
They are the only thing moving

A great flood rushes
Rapidly through the streets
A highway to the future

I'm experimenting with starting organizing projects without being all manic about it and doing a fuck ton of work only to burn out bc no help. Just throwing out ideas and being open to something happening if people jump on

uspol, antisemitic zionism 

there are people who have a lot of control over my life due to a violent system that obeys them, but they're not my leaders.

Marx is freaking cancelled for kink shaming “commodity fetishism”

uspol, antisemitic zionism 

uspol, antisemitic zionism 


I think that if humanity is to survive in any meaningful way, we need two things: strong and popular egalitarian ethics, and a commitment to humanism and the arts

questioning transition, toxic masculinity 

questioning transition, toxic masculinity 

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