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jewpol, orthodox vs egal 

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I once did an (unpaid) internship where I spent 30 hrs/week getting coffee and entering data for a project they never completed

This summer internship @uspresstracker @FreedomofPress is the opposite—you'll be paid well and work with our team in NYC! Apply


It doesn't really integrate with the Fediverse, it just sort of automatically toots a link to your actual post. And my reply isn't showing up as a comment. What a letdown

Goyim please leave Hebrew alone and stop making more than half of search results about Yoshke or about how your ethnic group is the true Hebrews or a lost tribe fuck off


Those are being some pretty exhausting couple of weeks in terms of kid schedule, with holidays, days off, and snow days. Dunno what I'd do if their mom didn't pull her weight :)

Apparently they mine and show correlations lmao

check out those synonyms for the word 'bullshit' on, my new fave website:

trans/military, Holocaust 

ultimately this ends up erasing nuance in the name of pseudo-precision, because even though you have 500 different words for people, people are expected to fit into one of those 500 different words or else their existence isn't valid. and if they come up with a new word it must be sufficiently acceptable and they must prove that they belong by dragging out their trauma etc..

Drunken sadtooting 

I used to know this. How did the old view counters in the Geocities days work?


@disroot - great alternative cloud service

@fdroidorg - great alternative app store

@Liberapay - excellent alternative to Patreon

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