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check out those synonyms for the word 'bullshit' on, my new fave website:

trans/military, Holocaust 

ultimately this ends up erasing nuance in the name of pseudo-precision, because even though you have 500 different words for people, people are expected to fit into one of those 500 different words or else their existence isn't valid. and if they come up with a new word it must be sufficiently acceptable and they must prove that they belong by dragging out their trauma etc..

Drunken sadtooting 

I used to know this. How did the old view counters in the Geocities days work?


@disroot - great alternative cloud service

@fdroidorg - great alternative app store

@Liberapay - excellent alternative to Patreon

Please source the art that you use
You'll be doing everyone a favor

Those who like what they see can find the artist and see more of their work, and the artist will receive more views as a result

Oy, those Chabadniks

There is nothing wrong about being assimilated. Some of the best Jews I know, as well as myself, are assimilated af. I'm talking about harmful behaviors that are rooted in assimilation

Judaism, appropriation by Jews 

Judaism, appropriation by Jews 

Judaism, appropriation by Jews 

Judaism, appropriation by Jews 


It's giving me annoying warnings about the excerpt separator being in the middle of a Liquid block, but I guess that's the price one has to pay. The output is correct as it is, and I'm not going to have 2 extra lines of Liquid code in every single post that starts with a poem just so that Jekyll stops complaining. I wish I could suppress the warnings easily

I now have a plugin to publish poetry in Jekyll. Woo

I bloody well did it, I wrote the damn plugin, I hate faking it in languages I don't know the first thing about. But I do love things that work.

"what ever happened to the popular front?"

"there he is right there"


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